Vista Training

Wimba Voice Overview

The Wimba web-based voice tools, which include a podcaster, are easy elements to add to any Vista course to enhance content delivery.


Students and faculty can use the built-in podcast recorder to create a voice recording. Other class members can then listen to this file on the web or download it to their PC or Mac, or to a portable digital music player such as an iPod.

Voice Presentation

The Voice Presentation Tool is an application instructors use for authoring online presentations that utilize both voice and active live web surfing. Voice commentaries can be recorded to online PowerPoint presentations or other online resources that otherwise would have to be surfed without guidance.

What else can be done with the Voice Presentation Tool?

  • Wimba Voice Boards and Voice Presentation can be combined to create a discussion forum in which messages consist of URLs with voice overlay. For example, you can create a voice presentation and allow visitors to comment on the various "slides".

The Voice Presentation Tool is a great way to author an online presentation.

  • It is incredibly easy to sequence and annotate an arbitrary set of Web pages.
  • The author just clicks on "compose," specifies a URL, and talks into a microphone.
  • Instructors can rapidly create online lectures with voice and students can respond or create their own presentations

Voice Recorder

The Voice Recorder allows users to record and post messages into any web page or class management system. Users can add listening exercises and voice messages into any Vista LMS course page. Voice Tools incorporate a small recorder and playback feature that can be placed within any Vista page allowing instructors to verbally explain complex ideas, post assignments, or simply highlight important ideas that will be discussed in upcoming lessons.

Voice Board

The Wimba Voice Board Tool allows users to create threaded voice discussions. Instructors, as well as students, can post audio messages with accompanying text. This tool is excellent for creating an area for ongoing discussions.

Instructors can speak and read a language at the same time, or simply create threaded voice discussions about any subject. Great for brainstorming and collaborating on almost any topic in any language, instructors and students can post vocal messages with accompanying text into the voice-based message boards. Instructors and students can discuss multiple subjects at once by dividing new topics into their own threads.

Voice Direct

Voice Direct is a real-time voice conferencing feature that allows for live oral language instruction, small group role-plays, and other live, conversation-based tasks. Additionally, instructors can conduct lectures, conferences, discussions and debates, keep virtual office hours for conversations with students, and even record discussions for future playback. Practice a language by actually speaking it with someone.