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Why Visit Chico State?

Kendall Hall

Within minutes of arriving, visitors sense what so many already know—there’s something unique about the Chico Experience.

Chico State is in the heart of Chico, a college town rich with history, music, arts, and a deep connection to the surrounding land. A creek flows through nearby Bidwell Park into Chico’s downtown and then right down the middle of campus, reflecting the seamless connection between the University and the community.

The warmth and dedication of those who teach, study, and work here is a genuine expression of the quality of our surroundings and our shared commitment to keeping the Chico Experience alive. Visit—and see for yourself what makes this place so special.

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The City of Chico

bike riding in Bidwell Park

Chico is unlike any other city in California. Founded by John Bidwell in 1860, Chico has since expanded to a population nearing 100,000, but it feels much smaller. With a canopy of mature trees, charming architecture, and a vibrant downtown, the city is ideal for exploration on foot or by bike.

Chico has been named one of the best art cities in the nation and features a rich cultural landscape of music, museums, and great dining. At 3,680 acres, the city’s Bidwell Park provides a vast resource of trees and trails. Chico is a few hours from Lake Tahoe to the east and San Francisco to the southwest, allowing convenient access to other North State treasures.