Academic Affairs Space & Facilities

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the management of space such a big deal?

The Chancellor’s Office requires the campus to maintain accurate records of space inventory, space reassignments, changes in room functions, and physical alterations, all of which cause changes in the square footage of a room. All space reassignments will be captured in FacilitiesLink for approval and reporting back to the Chancellor's Office.

What happens if my space request requires building modification?

In most cases, space requests will require some type of building modification (e.g., ceiling lights, paint, carpet, blinds, HVAC, telecom, etc.) and are considered projects. Before you submit this type of request, you must first discuss this with your department head for approval and identification of a funding source. It could take several months for building modifications to occur so pre-planning is of utmost importance.

What is the interim Executive Memorandum for Scheduling and what does it say?

Please see the EM 20-008(opens in new window) for all details.