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CSU, Chico Distinguished Alumni

Please use the below alphabetical listing to browse past Distinguished Alumni by last name. Each table displays the name of the honoree, the award, and the year the award was presented. Additionally, you can view each honoree by college (PDF)

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A Distinguished Alumni
Ed AndersonCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2001
Rusty AreiasCollege of Agriculture1994
Lance AstrellaCollege of Natural Sciences2009
Farshad AzadDistinguished Alumni Service Award2015


B Distinguished Alumni
Karl BakhtiariCollege of Business2003
Jenelle BallCollege of Natural Sciences2017
Nancy BarceloCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences 2011
Timothy BeachCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2018
Grayson D. BeckCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2015
Sanford BeckCollege of Agriculture 
Scott BedfordCollege of Business2005
William BeezleyCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2016
Keith BewleyCollege of Business2000
Natalie BirkCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences 1998
Gary BordersCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management 
Keely BoslerCollege of Agriculture2016
Gordon BrownCollege of Communication and Education2009
Patrick BultemaCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts
George BuonaccorsciCollege of Agriculture


C Distinguished Alumni
Debra CannonCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2014
William CarrollCollege of Natural Sciences
Donald CarlsenDistinguished Alumni Service Award2014
R. Scott ChalmersCollege of Business2008
Kelli ChipponeriCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts
Dennis ChoateCollege of Agriculture2011
Robert ChristophersonCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences 2012
Gage ChryslerDistinguished Alumni Service Award2016
Timothy ColbieDistinguished Alumni Service Award2013
Jeanne A. ConryCollege of Natural Sciences2016
William CorbinDistinguished Alumni Service Award2012
Leta CoxCollege of Natural Sciences1995
Lawrence CrabtreeCollege of Agriculture2007
Kelley Craighead MullenCollege of Communication and Education


D Distinguished Alumni
Lisa Dal GalloCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2016
Scott DalecioCollege of Communication and Education2004
Phillip DavidCollege of Agriculture2004
Amanda DetmerCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2002
Christopher DiGiorgioCollege of Business1997
John DiMicheleCollege of Business2006
Leonardo DuarteCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2007
Jeffrey DudumCollege of Communication and Education 
Daniel DuttonCollege of Communication and Education2002


E Distinguished Alumni
Floyd L. EnglishCollege of Natural Sciences1994
Rose Esposito-McCallenCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2017
Marilyn EverettCollege of Business2016


F Distinguished Alumni
Jack FarmerCollege of Natural Sciences1998
Michael FinneyCollege of Communication and Education2017
Mark FitzpatrickCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2013
Kimberly Foss-EricksonCollege of Business
Nancy FoxDistinguished Alumni Service Award
Craig FrazierCollege of Communication and Education


G Distinguished Alumni
Larry GeeCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management1998
Melvin GeorgeCollege of Agriculture
Jacquelyn GiuffreCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts
Marshall L. GinterCollege of Natural Sciences2000
Stephen GonsalvesCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2004
Daniel GonzalesCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2002
Stephen C. GoodallCollege of Business2017
Raymond GriffinCollege of Agriculture 
Gary GriswoldCollege of Agriculture1997


H Distinguished Alumni
Scott T. HansonCollege of Business2010
Blaire HarmsCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2005
Jacki HeadleyCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2005
Dennis HefnerCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences1997
Lain HensleyCollege of Communication and Education2012
Barry HewlettCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences1994
Jane HightowerCollege of Natural Sciences2004
Joseph HilbeCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2009
Stanley HodgesCollege of Agriculture2002
Debra Geary HookCollege of Natural Sciences2015
Charles Hoppin IIICollege of Agriculture2010
Richard Hubbard Sr.College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2003
Rand HutchinsonCollege of Business2013


I Distinguished Alumni
Howard IsomCollege of Business1994


J Distinguished Alumni
Douglas JacksonCollege of Natural Sciences
J'Anna JacobyCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2017
Leonard JessupCollege of Business2015
Michael JonesCollege of Communication and Education2001


K Distinguished Alumni
Prabhakar KalavacherlaCollege of Business2012
Gene KelucheCollege of Natural Sciences2010
Kathleen Kendall-TackettCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2003
Natalie KerrisCollege of Communication and Education2015
Mary KightCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2007
Trena Kimler-RichardsCollege of Agriculture2014
Robert KittredgeCollege of Business1995


L Distinguished Alumni
Olena B. LacyCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2008
Paul LambrosCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2017
John LancasterCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2006
Kenneth LangeCollege of Natural Sciences1996
Sheryl LangeDistinguished Alumni Service Award2008
Jose Leal da CostaCollege of Agriculture2017
Sandy LernerCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences1996
Lance LewCollege of Communication and Education2013
Craig LindsleyCollege of Natural Sciences2014
Bob LinscheidCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2008
Laura LopezCollege of Communication and Education1994
William LoveridgeCollege of Agriculture2012
Jeanette LoweCollege of Agriculture2015
Valerie LuceroCollege of Natural Sciences2018
Wendell LundbergCollege of Agriculture1994
Sheryl Luzzadder BeachCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2018
William Lyons, Jr.College of Humanities and Fine Arts2000


M Distinguished Alumni
Thomas MartinCollege of Agriculture1998
Judith Martin-HollandCollege of Natural Sciences1999
Lori McAdamsCollege of Communication and Education2018
Missy McArthurCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2012
David McCallenCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2008
Jennifer McCallumCollege of Natural Sciences2012
Timothy McClureCollege of Communication and Education2010
Bruce McDougallCollege of Business1996
Jerry McGuireCollege of Communication and Education1999
Terris McMahan-GrimesCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2015
Michael MessnerCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2004
Cathleen MicheaelsCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts1994
William MickelsonCollege of Communication and Education2003
James MillerdCollege of Natural Sciences2006
Hideki Kit MiyamotoCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2011
Daniel MoffatCollege of Business2007
William MorrisCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts1997
Amy MundorffCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2009
Dennis MurphyCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2007
Kenneth MurrellCollege of Natural Sciences2013


N Distinguished Alumni
Peggy NewfieldCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2004
Christina NicholsDistinguished Alumni Service Award2018
Frank Nisonger Jr.College of Business1998
Suzanna NyeCollege of Natural Sciences2008


O Distinguished Alumni
John F. O'ConnellCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2005
Matthew OlmsteadCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2001
Richard OstlundCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts1998


P Distinguished Alumni
Westley PattonCollege of Agriculture2005
Edo PellizzariCollege of Natural Sciences2002
Jason PeltierCollege of Agriculture2000
Steven PerriconeCollege of Business2009
Mathew PetersenCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2015
Clark and Betty PorterDistinguished Alumni Service Award2010
Antoinette ProcopioCollege of Natural Sciences2003
John PughCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts2003


R Distinguished Alumni
Martin RapozoCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2009
Rick RigsbyCollege of Communication and Education2000
John RiversCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2016
Mary RollandCollege of Fine Arts2014
Edward Rollins Jr.College of Behavioral and Social Sciences2014
Shirley RushCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2002
Walter RyleyCollege of Natural Sciences1997


S Distinguished Alumni
Robert SalmonCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2014
Karen Seccombe MeenanCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2006
Charles E. SeufferleinCollege of Business2004
Michael SheaCollege of Communication and Education2014
Carolyn ShoemakerCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts1996
Danny SimmsCollege of Agriculture1995
W. Gary SittonCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management1997
Judy SittonDistinguished Alumni Service Award2007
Candy SolariDistinguished Alumni Service Award2017
Michael StrandCollege of Natural Sciences2001
John StrisowerCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2012
Brian StromCollege of Business2002


T Distinguished Alumni
Edward Tarver IIICollege of Natural Sciences2007
Lance TennisCollege of Agriculture2003
William Thomas Jr.College of Agriculture2006
Keith ThomassenCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management1994
Carolyn ThompsonCollege of Communication and Education2005
Mike ThompsonCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2000
Thomas TognoliCollege of Business2018
Steven TollesonCollege of Communication and Education2011
Robert L. ToneyCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2013
Glen O. ToneyDistinguished Alumni Service Award1995


U Distinguished Alumni
Mark UlriksenCollege of Communication and Education1995
Donald UpsonCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences1999


V Distinguished Alumni
Alisha ValavanisCollege of Communication and Education2016
Thomas VillaCollege of Business2011


W Distinguished Alumni
Bill WattenburgCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management1999
Leon WarmanCollege of Natural Sciences2010
Marilyn WarrensCollege of Humanities and Fine Arts1999
Tamilee WebbCollege of Communication and Education1996
Leonard WhitegonDistinguished Alumni Service Award2006
Savio WooCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2000
Wayne WoodenCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2001
Russell WoodyCollege of Communication and Education1997


Y Distinguished Alumni
Donald E. YoungCollege of Communication and Education2006
D. Craig YoungCollege of Behavioral and Social Sciences2001
James YoungCollege of Agriculture2001
Russell WoodyCollege of Communication and Education1997


Z Distinguished Alumni
Farhang ZamaniCollege of Engineering, Computer Science, and Construction Management2006