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Interior Architecture

The interior architecture program at California State University Chico provides a professional BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) degree in a four-year curriculum. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in the interior design / interior architecture profession. The interior architecture program is housed in Department of Art and Art History, and the Department of Art and Art History is accredited by the NASAD ( National Association of Schools of Art and Design).

The Interior Architecture BFA curriculum at CSU, Chico emphasizes both the theoretical and the practical, from concept to articulation. Our goal is to provide students with a design education that is well rounded and applicable to the next generation of interior architecture professionals. Courses encompass design theory, design history, human behavior, critical thinking, problem solving, building technologies, codes and life safety, communications skills, and professional values.

Our graduates are prepared to work in a diverse creative professional field, and are working throughout the country from California and New York City. We also encourage our students to pursue their interests and career goals beyond interior design and architectural professions. We value the individuality and diversity of each student's interests and career goals.

In addition, our graduates are well prepared to pursue advance degrees in graduate schools of their choice in a variety of disciplines and specializations including, but not limited to, interior design, furniture design, and architecture.

Graduates of the interior design program are well positioned to advance their credentials and earn other professional designations that advance their particular career goals. These credentials can include but are not limited to the NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) Certification, LEED Accredited Professional status, American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers certification, etc.

Advising is mandatory for Interior architecture students each semester. The Interior Architecture Program requires all students entering the program to own a laptop computer. Please consult with the program coordinator for advising and further information on the required laptop purchase.

Interior Architecture Alumni Comments of Education at Chico State

Carson Melonee received her BFA for Interior Architecture in 2014 from CSU Chico. 

“I came to Chico State as a declared Interior Design major and I was incredibly fulfilled by the four years I spent in the program. The curriculum, professors and my fellow classmates constantly challenged me. I was pushed to think both creatively and critically which helped immensely as I started my career in the design world. I currently work as a designer at MBH Architects in Alameda and am always building on the amazing foundation I developed in school.”

―Carson Melonee (BFA 2014)
Senior Designer at MBH Architects


Jenna Futjistubo received her BFA in 2014 from CSU Chico. “The IDES program at Chico State was a fast paced program that propelled my education with every class that I took. Projects assigned helped me open my creativity and work extra hard to make those deadlines. Each professor has different design esthetic, which helps being adaptive with clients and critique.” 

―Jenna Fujitsubo (BFA 2014)
Project Manager
Domunn Design; Sacramento, CA


Stephanie Dolim graduated from CSU Chico with her BFA in 2014.

‪”While enrolled in the Chico State IDES Department, I developed time management, project coordination, and communication skills that I continue to use in my professional career today. It was through the immense workloads assigned, extensive amounts of information received, and honest project critiques given that improved my approach towards design.”

―Stephanie Dolim (BFA 2014)
Interior Designer & Project Manager
Global Real Estate Department, SanDisk Corporation


Lisa Linford is a graduate from CSU Chico's Interior Architecture program, and she received her BFA in 2014.

"Chico State's Interior Design and Interior Architecture rigorous program taught me to develop and refine my artistic creativity while finding opportunity in challenges and creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but provide functionality and improve the way of life. Now, the Senior Design Associate at Talmont Architecture & Development in Alamo, CA, I am able to make visions a reality."

―Lisa Linford (BFA 2014)
Senior Design Associate at Talmont Architecture & Development


Bryan Kobe is a graduate student from CSU Chico, and he received his BFA in 2012 for Interior Architecture.

“CSUC IDES program understands the reality of the design world. No sugar needed, this programs helps the students understand the working world of design while equally preparing participants for the rigors of graduate level architectural studies. Students will have to have dedication to be in this program and will be rewarded with a very complete and professional body of work that can be carried towards their future. This is not a program you attend to work at a furniture gallery. I am following my career aspirations and doing what I love because of the connections and skills gained from the IDES program as California State University Chico.”

―Bryan Kobe (BFA 2012)
Graduate student @ SCIARC (Southern California Institute of Architecture)

Janelle Baldock is an Interior Architecture alumni that graduated from CSU Chico with her BFA in 2012.

‪“I originally came to Chico State for the campus and great sense of community but I could not have picked a better place to get my degree in Interior Architecture. The classes are small, therefore as a student you get lots of constructive criticism and hands-on learning. The program covers all aspects of the field from technical drawings, creative thinking, and studio courses which have helped me in all my past & present positions as a retail, commercial, & residential designer.” 

Janelle Baldock (BFA 2012)
‪Junior Designer at Molie Malone Interior Design


Jaclyn Guasco is a 2007 graduate of the Interior Architecture program

‪“Chico State's Interior Architecture program and curriculum delivers a versatile and inspiring education laying the foundation for your future career. Currently, I am following my professional aspirations leading design teams in the fast-paced world of workplace design for boundary-pushing organizations. Since graduating, this program has transformed and I am so proud of what it has become. The passionate, dedicated professors paired with small class sizes and thought-provoking design critiques make this program top-notch.&8221; 

Jaclyn Guasco (BA 2007)
‪Senior Associate at Fennie+Mehl Architects