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Reporting is Required to Ensure Funding Requirements Are Met

The following components of the CFO Contract and individual subcontracts is vital for success. It also allows us to stay in compliance with our funder, the California Department of Social Services (CDSS).

For the FFY 2022-2024 Contract, we have streamlined and modernized a number of components to ensure Subcontractors have the tools and support to meet Contract Requirements, Fiscal Reporting, and Program Reporting deadlines throughout the duration of the contract.

Please reach out to your CHC Program Manager or Fiscal Analyst if you have questions.

Submit Fiscal Reports
Submit fiscal reports required by CDSS.

Program & Fiscal Reporting

Program & fiscal reports are required. You must maintain records of all reports.

Program Reporting

Please keep a record of all program reports.

Program Reporting consists of a Scope of Work Activity Log (SOW) and Narrative Survey.

Watch our Program Reporting Tutorial(opens in new window) for more information.

  • Scope of Work Activity Log (SOW): Spreadsheet to track prescreens, partnerships, unique applications outside of your CBO Portal, semi-annual reports, and/or annual recertification.
    • SOW templates are provided by your program manager. 

Program Due Dates

SOW & Narrative Are Due Every Quarter

  1. January 14
  2. April 15
  3. July 15
  4. October 14

Fiscal Reporting

Please keep a record of all fiscal reports.
Use the Fiscal Reporting Checklist (PDF) to ensure all reports are accurate.

Fiscal Reporting consists of the Fiscal Reporting Workbook and Time & Effort Forms.
For more resources, visit our Resource Hub(opens in new window).

  • Fiscal Reporting Workbook:
    • This is a customized template. Contact your CHC-Assigned Fiscal Analyst to request yours.

Fiscal Due Dates

Fiscal Reporting Workbook & Time/Effort Forms Are Due Every Quarter

  1. January 30
  2. April 30
  3. July 30
  4. October 30
Submit Fiscal Reports
Submit fiscal reports required by CDSS.