Belonging means something different to everyone. Although academics are the most important aspect of your collegiate life, many of your most rewarding experiences will also occur in a variety of student activities outside the classroom. Students who become involved in campus organizations are more likely to continue their education through graduation because they develop ties and friendships which help them "anchor" to the University. Membership in student groups leads to satisfying college experiences and has been found to have a positive impact on grade point averages. In addition, many of these activities play a major role in helping you to develop leadership, communication, interpersonal, and managerial skills. These tools will prove invaluable to your success after graduation. Due to the unique residential nature of the University, there are also numerous opportunities for your participation in the life of both the academic and larger Chico communities.

Student Activites Office

Helping Students Succeed... The mission of the Student Activities Office (SAO) is to create an environment in which all students and student organizations are encouraged and aided in the development of positive social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, and leadership programs and activities. The Student Activities staff supports programming which promotes learning, personal growth, self-governance, social responsibility, and understanding. Staff members work with students individually and in groups to produce programs which benefit the entire University community. This work includes developing individual leadership and management skills through a "hands-on" approach to learning.

In addition to monitoring the use of University facilities by student organizations, staff members also sit on University committees to develop policies affecting student activities. One program coordinator works closely with multicultural groups, some of which have offices on campus in the Multicultural Center. Other staff specialize in leadership education and development, Greek letter groups, and alcohol/drug education.

Student organizations at CSU, Chico are student-operated. Each group selects a faculty or staff advisor to work with, but students plan and execute their own programs, take all financial responsibility, and determine the goals and direction of their group. Activities of some organizations may earn students academic credit; others provide a close association between students and faculty who share similar academic interests in a pre-professional, department-related, or service setting; and some are designed to recognize those with high academic and professional goals by providing valuable exposure to career opportunities. Some groups include non-student members, and several emphasize community-oriented issues and services. All organizations share a primary purpose of socializing and working with peers towards common goals, and all depend on voluntary commitment.

Information about all student organizations and how to start new ones is available in the Student Activities Office and on the Student Activities Web site:

Internships and Course Credit for University and Community Service

Student Activities offers, through the Departments of Education, Health and Community Services, and Political Science, specialized internships which allow you to obtain University credit for extended participation in certain activities and programs (including AS Government, KCSC, CAVE, CLIC, etc.). Check with the SAO staff about current course offerings, community service, and internship opportunities.

Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center (CADEC)

CADEC promotes responsible decision-making with respect to alcohol and drug use. The staff is available to provide information to students who are concerned about alcohol and other drugs. CADEC is located at 310 Salem Street, and is open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, please call 530-898-6450.

Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities and sororities have existed nationally for more than 200 years and at CSU, Chico for more than 70 years. Members and friends share their traditions of service to community, activities within the campus environment, and active social lives. Greek organizations stress the value of friendship, a sense of belonging, leadership, service, and worthwhile human experiences.

Each group offers a particular kind of organizational affiliation for its members and extends lifetime membership to its alums. Belonging to a sorority or fraternity sometimes includes sharing a chapter house. Housing is available on a rotating basis each semester to active members so that all who wish to live in the house may do so sometime during their college years.

Fraternities and sororities have established coordinating groups (the Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and Multicultural Greek Councils) which meet regularly to share common interests, coordinate service and social projects, and encourage integrated programs.

Fraternities and sororities add new members through a recruitment process as a way for members to meet and get to know new students. It also provides prospective members the opportunity to meet the different groups and discover which programs best fit their needs. Recruitment occurs early each semester and features a series of informal and formal programs designed to acquaint you with all the groups. Information about recruitment is distributed at the beginning of each semester. For the latest list of recognized student organizations see:

Members of the Interfraternity, Panhellenic, and Multicultural Greek Councils participate in various leadership conferences throughout the year focusing on such topics as motivation and leadership development, particularly as they relate to the Greek community.

Student Organizations

Most student organizations advertise their meetings and events. Some make presentations to classes, while others publish notices in The Orion and the Chico News & Review calendar sections. The Student Activities Web site ( contains information about officers and contact people for those who want to get involved. Your involvement can range from "may be interested" to becoming a leader or officer.

Jackie Faris-Rees LEADership Programs support CSU, Chico's Strategic Priority #1, "Believing in the primacy of student learning, we will continue to develop high-quality learning environments both in and outside of the classroom."

The program is funded by the Student Activities Office, the Associated Students, and individual donors.

Created to honor the memory of Jackie Faris-Rees, an active student and community leader, the program:

  • Provides leadership training, education, and development to CSU, Chico students through formal and experiential opportunities in an integrated academic environment
  • Prepares students to be informed, educated leaders on campus, in the community, and in the larger society
  • Encourages students to discover their own leadership potential
  • Acknowledges and celebrates student leaders' contributions to University life and the larger community
  • Provides leadership opportunities to pre-collegiate students, alumni, and other audiences
  • Internships

    Paid internships are available to students who assist in the delivery of leadership programs for the entire campus community. The interns are instrumental in planning, developing, and implementing the various components of the program.

    Weekend Retreat

    The annual Weekend Retreat is an intense leadership experience designed to maximize abilities and effectiveness in leadership roles. The workshops cover a wide range of areas, including leadership skills, professional growth, and personal growth.

    The retreat, one of the program's most popular offerings, is a unique and inexpensive opportunity for student leaders to get energized with fresh ideas which will help them improve their groups and enhance their own leadership potential.

    Junior High and High School Leadership Conferences

    These annual programs provide opportunities for local sixth through twelfth graders to gain leadership skills, explore new activities, and share ideas with students from other schools.

    In Focus Statewide University Leadership Conference

    This annual program is open to all University students, as well as students from other California universities and community colleges. The conference is designed to sharpen leadership skills, strengthen student organizations, and encourage networking with other student leaders.

    Women's Leadership Conference

    New to JFR LEADership Programs is the annual Women's Leadership Conference, which connects women from campus, the community, and the corporate sector.

    Annual Reunion

    Each year, in cooperation with the Associated Students, the program hosts a leadership reunion for alumni and friends. The event includes a golf tournament and a dinner auction.

    Chico State University Leaders Honor Society

    Each spring the leadership honor society inducts about a dozen students from among the best leaders on campus. Alumni who have distinguished themselves as leaders are also inducted at this time.

    Leadership Studies Minor

    For information on the Leadership Studies minor see "Special Major" in the University Catalog.

    Associated Students

    As a CSU, Chico student, you are a member of the Associated Students (AS)-one of the largest non-profit organizations in Northern California. The AS is responsible for operating the Bookstore, Dining Services, and a variety of campus programs. The AS also plays a significant role in the economic, social, service, and cultural life of the Chico community.

    While the AS is an independent student organization, it serves as an auxiliary to the University. AS programs complement the educational mission by offering out-of-classroom learning experiences. In addition, academic credit is available for participation in select AS programs.

    The Associated Students employs up to 1,100 students per year. For more information, call 530-898-4385, or visit our Web site at

    Information Center-Contact the University Information Center in the BMU or call 530-898-INFO (4636) for campus information and referrals. This center is your first stop for help with any questions pertaining to student life on campus.

    The Information Center offers:

  • Fax and copy services
  • Posting service
  • Mall and quad table rental
  • Community information
  • First aid supplies
  • Student service boards
  • Students make the difference

    The AS' relationship with its members is unparalled in the California State University system. For example, the AS does not receive state funding; students allocate the income from two separate fees paid during registration (Student Union Fee and Activity Fee) to operate AS programs and services.Students govern the corporation through the AS Board of Directors (BOD), whose members include elected students, and University administrators. Together, they set goals and policies and are responsible for a budget exceeding $28 million, a full-time professional staff of 121, and 700-1,100 student employees.

    Student Government

    Becoming a member of an AS Board, councils, or committee offers you practical experience in organizational decision-making and the personal satisfaction of knowing that you really can make a difference. Talk to a student director in the AS Government Office, Bell Memorial Union, Room 203, or call 530-898-5701 to find out more. Additional information can be found on our Web site at

    Three committees establish the operating budgets and program policies for the AS:

  • Bell Memorial Union Committee (BMUC) oversees and plans the programs and services of the Bell Memorial Union (BMU).
  • Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is an elected student committee that is the core of student advocacy at the University level.
  • Associated Students Businesses Committee (ASBC) oversees the operations of the AS Bookstore and Dining Services.
  • Recreation and Entertainment

    The Associated Students also provides entertainment and recreation opportunities for the campus community.

  • AS Presents offers a variety of concerts, jazz ensembles, dance performances, comedians, feature films, and guest lecturers throughout the school year. For more information call 530-898-6005 or visit our web site at
  • Adventure Outings (AO) is an outdoor recreation program. Outings are planned for each season and include snow trips, white-water rafting, hiking, rock climbing, surfing, and more. AO also operates the Bike Cart which provides convenient bike repair service on campus and hosts a used bike auction every semester. For more information call 530-898-4011, or visit our Web site at
  • Forebay Aquatic Center is a lakeside boating center located 22 miles south of campus. Courses offered include: sailing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, and wakeboarding. Boat rentals, club memberships, and events are also available. For more information call (530) 624-6919, or visit our Web site at
  • Recreation Center - Our new full service recreation center is scheduled to open mid-Spring 2009 and will include three full-court gymnasiums, a multi-activity court, indoor running track, weight and fitness areas, outdoor pool and spa, four exercise rooms, indoor climbing wall, and a new home for Adventure Outings and the university's Recreational Sports program. For more information call (530) 898-3367, or visit our Web site at
  • Learn While Doing

    The AS has an academic affiliation with the University and provides student volunteers with the opportunity to earn University credit. All of our programs offer a variety of credit bearing internships.

  • The AS Child Development Lab provides low-cost child care and services for student parents. For more information call 530-898-5865, or visit our Web site at
  • The AS Recycling Program provides the campus with comprehensive recycling services for a wide variety of materials. The program is run entirely by students and one staff coordinator. In addition, the Recycling Program offers internships that focus on educational outreach in the areas of waste reduction and sustainability. For more information call 530-898-5033, or visit our Web site at
  • Community Action Volunteers in Education (CAVE) is a nationally recognized volunteer organization. Approximately 80 student staff administer over 20 programs that provide volunteer services to children, elderly, special populations, adult non-readers, and other community agencies and state facilities. For more information call 530-898-5817 or visit our Web site at
  • Community Legal Information Center (CLIC) is a student-run center that offers free legal information. Its diverse programs include the Chico Consumer Protection Agency, Disabled and the Law, Environmental Advocates, Women's Law, Worker's Rights Project, and Military Information Service. For more information call 530-898-4354 or visit our Web site at
  • Environmental Action and Resource Center (EARC) provides a comprehensive environmental research and resource library for students, faculty, and the community. For more information call 530-898-5676 or visit our website at
  • KCSC Radio is CSU, Chico's student-owned and operated Internet station. KCSC interns learn the fundamentals of radio operations through on-air experience, production, and promotion. For more information call 530-898-6229 or visit our Web site at
  • Union Graphics is a comprehensive in-house graphic design studio. The studio's reputation for creativity and quality has made it a coveted internship for commercial design students. For more information call 530-898-4624.
  • The Women's Center is dedicated to enriching the educational experience and quality of life for women at the University. The Center offers referral services and events to educate and empower women and raise awareness of women's issues on campus. For more information call 530-898-5724, or visit our Web site at
  • Instructionally Related Activities (IRA)

    The programs and activities of IRA provide you opportunities to perform or compete in public, and translate classroom learning into practical experience. IRA programs are funded partially from a special fee paid by each student at registration. Administered by a joint student/faculty board, the funds support activities such as the hands-on science experience, human-powered vehicle team, intercollegiate athletics, livestock judging team, micromouse team, Model UN, Museum of Anthropology, student art exhibits, student music concerts, student research competition, student theatre productions, and Watershed.

    For information about the IRA, call 530-898-5917 or visit

    Alumni Association

    The Alumni Association (established 1892) provides all former students with a lifelong connection to their alma mater. The association assists the University with funding special projects, scholarships, legislative relations, student recruitment, campus improvements, and many other programs and activities. Alumni volunteers act as the liaison between their communities and the campus, and serve as resources for student recruitment. The purpose of the association is twofold. It ministers to the programming needs of its members, and conducts programs and events meant to enhance the quality of life and education for all students. There are approximately 125,000 CSU, Chico alumni throughout the world. More information about the Chico State Alumni Association can be found at or by calling 530-898-6472.