International Student Services


The Graduate and International Programs Office of International Student Services is the principal link between all international students and the University. The office assists students with their educational arrangements between the United States and foreign governments. One of the goals of the office is to support the commitment of the University to a multicultural learning environment by assisting students to adjust to life in the United States, the Chico community, and the University environment. The International Student Advisory Council evaluates and advises the dean on issues concerning international students.

A formal, mandatory orientation for new international students is conducted by international student advisors and other University personnel before each semester. The sessions introduce students to the myriad of cultural, social, and academic aspects of their new environment. Services essential to the success of the new international student are identified and described.

International student advisors are available to provide personal counseling and advising as necessary. They help students deal with the community, environment, banks, utility companies, health care services, physicians, housing, immigration, local governmental agencies, and sponsors. Every effort is made to ease the adjustment to the University.

The Office of International Student Services has international advisors who are sensitive to the needs of international students. Similarly, each department has an assigned academic advisor to assist students with academic planning specific to the major. Additionally, international students are eligible for internships, as approved by the academic departments, and may apply for post-completion practical training. Special courses and training programs are also available. For example, the American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) provides English language instruction at various levels while systematically introducing American culture to university and non-university-bound students and their spouses.

International communication and understanding are fostered through the Speakers Bureau, coordinated by the international student advisors, which encourages international students to become involved with the community at educational, religious, and social levels. International student organizations provide opportunities for social interaction and campus activities such as the annual International Festival and Multicultural Night. The goal of international student services is multifaceted, but ultimately the success of the student is paramount.

International Student Organizations

  • Africa Club
  • Arab Student Union
  • Asian Christian Fellowship
  • General Union of Palestinian Students
  • Indian Students Association
  • International Cultural Exchange
  • Indonesian Students Association
  • International Neighbors
  • International Students Club
  • Japanese Club
  • Jewish Student Union
  • Malaysian Friendship Club
  • Malaysian Students Association
  • Pakistani Students Association
  • Pan Afrikan Union
  • Saudi Arabian Club
  • Sinorama Society
  • Vietnamese Students Association