Getting Around

Driving to Chico

From Interstate 5 driving north or south: Turn east on Hwy. 32 in Orland, stay on Hwy. 32 into Chico to West 2nd Street. Turn left on West 2nd Street. and continue to Chestnut Street. and the University.

From Sacramento Airport: Follow the signs to I-5 going to Sacramento. Approximately two miles from the airport, follow signs to Hwy. 99 and 70 going north to Marysville and Chico.

From Hwy. 99 and 70 going north to Chico: Stay on Hwy. 99 north to Chico, or take Hwy. 70 via Oroville and Hwy. 149 to Hwy. 99 to Chico. Exit Hwy. 99 at Hwy. 32 turning left onto East 8th Street to and through downtown Chico. Continue west to Chestnut Street. Turn right on Chestnut Street and continue north for six blocks to West 2nd Street and the University.

From Hwy. 99 going south to Chico: Take the East 1st Ave. exit and turn right. Go west to the Esplanade and turn left onto the Esplanade into downtown Chico and onto Broadway. Turn right on 2nd Street and go three blocks to Chestnut Street and the University.

Visitor Parking: Permits are required in all campus parking lots. Temporary permits can be purchased from dispensers located in the parking lots. Cash or credit accepted. Parking for visitors is allowed in any "G" general parking stall.

Public Transportation To Chico

United Express has several flights a day between Chico and San Francisco. San Francisco International is a four to five hour drive, and Sacramento Metro airport is an hour and forty-five minutes from Chico by car. Rental cars are available at San Francisco and Sacramento airports. Car rental agencies in Chico are Budget and Enterprise (both with Chico airport pickup), and Hertz and Avis located at the airport.

Shuttle service between Sacramento airport and Chico is available through North Valley Shuttle (530-891-1219). Reservations are required.

AMTRAK and Greyhound Bus also have regular service into downtown Chico.

Parking Limitations and Alternative Transportation

The campus has various parking areas available for faculty, staff, and students who choose to purchase parking permits. However, parking lots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, and are usually filled by 8 a.m. and remain so throughout the day. A limited number of parking decals are sold each semester during registration and the first few weeks of classes. University parking regulations are available from the University Police.

Both the CSU, Chico campus and the city of Chico are beautiful environments. Rather than paving everything for parking lots, we work with the community to preserve our parks and trees. We are committed to making it easy to get around Chico in spite of the prevalence of cars, and so we encourage you to use the free local bus system, ride a bike, or walk. The University has taken steps to make each of these methods of transportation safe and viable, and details can be found below.


Many University students live within walking distance of campus. Walking is the most healthy and least expensive method of getting to the University. The University has a program to upgrade the lighting along major campus footpaths as well as to provide a nighttime escort service in order to make walking on campus safer.


In 2004 the city of Chico was recognized as a Bike Friendly community by the American League of Bicyclists. Chico is a convenient community for bicycling. It is relatively flat, there are ample bike parking locations, and there are many bike lanes and bike paths.

Although bicycle riding through the core of the University campus is prohibited, there are convenient bicycle parking locations around the entire campus. There are more places on and around campus to park a bicycle than there are to park a motor vehicle. Bicycles are to be parked and locked only in those areas designated for such parking and may not be locked to fences, trees, or in buildings.

Bicycles must be licensed in California; you may register your bicycle through the University Police Department as well as through the city of Chico's Finance Department. The University Police enforces the University's regulations concerning bicycle riding and parking on the campus.

The University, in cooperation with the Associated Students, the city of Chico, and the county of Butte, provides free access to all city and county busses for University students, staff, and faculty. The city, under agreement with the Associated Students, also operates special student shuttle busses free to all students. Student shuttle and B-Line schedules and maps are available in the Bell Memorial Union (BMU) or from the city.For more information, call (530) 342-0221 or 1-800-822-8145, or visit the county's B-Line Web page at

Ride Share:

The University, in cooperation with the Chico Transportation Management Association, offers ridesharing information and will assist you in finding someone to ride with during your commute. Additional ridesharing programs are being considered for future implementation. See the Ride Sharing bulletin board in the student union.The University participates in AlterNetRides, a free online ridesharing system for students, faculty, and staff. See the table below for links to AlterNetRides. Using the service, you can schedule a one-day carpool vacation or sign up as a semester-long carpooler. Based on the information you provide, AlterNetRides finds potential carpoolers you can contact. You will have the option of signing up as a driver only, passenger only, or to share the driving.

Carpool Program:

Drivers who have been issued a carpool vehicle placard may park in designated carpool spaces. (Carpool parking can be located on the campus map). Applications for carpool parking are available from the University Police and must be re-submitted each semester. A valid semester parking permit must be purchased prior to applying for a carpool placard. All drivers on the application must be campus students or employees and reside outside Chico. Applications are reviewed and, if approved, a carpool pass will be prepared and the carpool group's contact person will be notified. For more information, contact University Police at 530-898-5555.

Electric-powered Vehicles:

The University is exploring ways to facilitate the use of electric vehicles as an alternative to combustion engine-powered vehicles for commuting to the University.

Transportation Alternatives and Parking Resources General Information-CSU, Chico's Transportation Committee TBA Parking Permit and Ticket Info-University Police Department AlterNet and Carpool Info-Business & Finance Parking Lot Maps-Facilities and Management Services