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Request a course description for a catalog published before 2007 (PDF).

NOTE: These catalogs are best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer and higher, Firefox 3.0 and higher, Google Chrome 1.0 and higher, and Safari.

Webmasters and others who wish to link to chapters or pages in the catalog should see these important guidelines.

Catalog Notice:

In keeping with the "Catalog Rights" policy below, the Chico Web versions of the Pre-2011 University Catalogs that are provided were originally replications of the corresponding published University Catalog for the years indicated with respect to course descriptions and degree requirements. However this information may have been modified to reflect corrections and newer approved changes.

As students may establish catalog rights for a particular published catalog, the University has elected to place corrections and newer approved changes on the Chico Web replications of our various printed catalogs, rather than maintain a single Chico Web catalog that is continuously revised.

By University policy, significant changes to courses and degree requirements are approved effective with the next published catalog, unless circumstances warrant earlier implementation. Such exceptional changes have been noted. When viewing graduation and major requirements, you should review the version of the catalog applicable to you (see below). In all cases you should consult with your major department advisor regarding the major requirements applicable to you, and any changes from published catalogs that may be appropriate.

Election of graduation requirements
and your catalog rights

As long as you maintain continuous attendance at CSU, Chico, or a combination of CSU campuses and California Community Colleges (CCC), your catalog rights are protected according to the following regulations:

You may elect to meet the graduation requirements in effect:

  1. at the time you began your college program at any one of the California State University campuses or California Community Colleges,
  2. when you entered the CSU campus from which you intend to graduate, or
  3. at the time you graduate from a campus of the California State University.

Continuous attendance is defined as "regular regular semester or two regular quarters per each calendar year." Once you have established your "catalog rights," your absence related to an approved educational leave or for attendance at another accredited institution of higher learning shall not be considered an interruption, providing the absence does not exceed two years.

If you are following an earlier version of a program in which your department has discontinued or modified required courses, the department may authorize appropriate substitutions.

If while enrolled you declare or change your major, major option, or minor, you should normally expect to follow the requirements

  1. in effect at the time of the declaration or change; or
  2. in effect when you file for graduation.

For details see your advisor.

Whether you choose option 1) or 2) concerning your major, major option, or minor requirements, you may continue to follow the University, General Education, and Mathematics and Writing requirements listed in the University Catalog for which you claim "catalog rights" as defined above.

Direct your questions regarding election of graduation requirements to the Evaluations section in the Office of Student Records and Registration.