Center for Healthy Communities

CHC Internship

CHC is offering a Health4All Internship and a Virtual Data Science Internship

Within these internships, our goal is to recruit Chico State students who bring their unique perspectives, lived experiences, and creativity to our internship program. At CHC we encourage self-expression and celebrating one’s cultures and identities, as these differences help us discuss and solve challenges in a more equitable way.

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Experience and Employability


The goal of the CHC internship program is to provide experiential learning for Chico State students. Experiences include, but are not limited to: Administration, Research and Evaluation, Public Relations and Media, Food Access and CalFresh Outreach, Production Kitchen, food Administration and Local Food System Development, Community based Nutrition Education and School-based Nutrition Education and Activity Promotion.

This formalized internship program includes a 135 hour per semester or two 90 hour per semester commitment to CHC under supervision of faculty and professional staff. 


During and after a CHC internship and paid position, students can add the following to their resumes: understanding and practice of professional office policies and procedures; time management; event planning; health promotion skills; strategies to address the needs of underserved populations; familiarity with local, state and national policies that promote civic engagement and lifelong practice of “giving back”; and peer mentoring and leadership experiences.

CHC promotes employability by: helping to develop and/or revise resumes; providing interview guidelines and actual interviews for paid positions; providing administrative, fiscal and programmatic skills (e.g. activities and reporting); and promoting job opportunities via various listservs to students during their last semester and/or post-graduation.

2017 CHC Student Survey Result Summary