Community Legal Information Clinic

Administrative Co-Directors 2014-2015

Emma Hilder
  Business with Marketing Option
Hometown:  Folsom, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Administrative Co-Director

Gian Gualco-Nelson
  Political Science: Legal Studies & History
Hometown:  San Francisco, CA
Class:  Senior
Program Position: Administrative Co-Director

List 5 words that describe CLIC:

Emma: Professional, Research-based, Diverse, Hands-on, and Engaging
Gian: Service, Integrity, Dynamic, Empowerment, and Professionalism

Why are you proud to be an Administrative Director at CLIC?

Emma: I am proud to be one of the new Administrative Directors at CLIC because this organization has pushed me to grow as a professional young woman. It has allowed me to meet and build relationships with many students, professors, and faculty on the Chico campus. The work that CLIC does for our community fills me with pride, knowing that all of our departments are able to help so many clients every year.

Gian: As a Director at CLIC, personal and professional growth is inevitable. Throughout my experiences I have seen the immediate repercussions of my actions both in the community and within CLIC. Not only do you help members of the community with issues that, many of the times, are quite life-altering; but you also oversee the hard-work and growth of both interns and other directors.

Why is CLIC such an important resource to the campus and the larger community?

Emma: CLIC is an important resource to the campus and larger community because we offer free legal information to anyone. We have twelve departments with the resources to gather the necessary data to aid our clients and support them through tough situations. Students who intern at CLIC gain professionalism and learn what it is like to work in an office setting, all while receiving up to three units of credit.

Gian: The Community Legal Information Center is a unique and vital asset to both the campus and community. Not only does CLIC assist students with things such as housing issues, restraining orders, and misdemeanors, but it also provides student interns with an opportunity to strengthen and increase the value of their degree from Chico State. Programs like CLIC are a rare find throughout the country, and none of them have CLIC’s history, client base, or broad coverage of the law. Regardless of your major, CLIC provides students with an opportunity to gain professional experience interacting with REAL people about REAL issues. This experience empowers students, turning the uninvolved underclassmen into a confident, junior or senior. Be that as it may, CLIC’s clients are its lifeblood, and its contributions to the community are copious – from 2014 to 2015 CLIC helped over 12,000 clients. Each year CLIC makes these vast and positive impacts in both the campus and larger community.