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Comparative Religion and Humanities


Latest Release

Spring 2020 CORH CONNECTION, Vol. 7 Issue II

In this issue:

  • Farewell Message from the Chair by Sarah M. Pike
  • Pandemic Pedagogies by Chris Crews
  • Climate Strikes as Rites of Mourning the Future by Sarah M. Pike
  • Q&A with Greg Cootsona on Negotiating Science and Religion in America
  • "A Cubic Yard of Soil Per Person"; The Green New Tech of Composting Bodies by Sarah Gagnebin
  • Playing with Fire: The Possibilities and Pitfalls of CRISPR by Andrew Flescher and Joel Zimbelman
  • Thus Is It Tweeted: Religion on Twitter by Daniel Veidlinger
  • 2020 CORH Outstanding Students
  • CORH Faculty Achievements: Don Heinz, George Williams, Sarah Pike, Bruce Grelle, and Daniel Veidlinger - Incoming Chair
  • CORH 2020 Graduates

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