Computer Science

Degree Programs

Degrees currently offered by the Computer Science Department include:

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Many students ask about the difference between the BS in Computer Science and the BS in Computer Information Systems. The two-degree programs have a different focus. The BS in Computer Science has a primary focus on software development and includes courses not required by CINS majors such as the software engineering sequence, assembly, and architecture, artificial intelligence, numerical and parallel programming, etc. The BS in Computer Information Systems has a primary focus on the computing technologies used to provide information infrastructure to organizations in the furtherance of their goals. It includes courses not taken by CSCI majors such as information systems design, PC's and peripherals, required depth in networking, security, and database, and an understanding of business intelligence gained in the form of a required Minor in Business Administration. The US Department of Labor Occupational Outlook Handbook(opens in new window) provides a good overview of the possible career paths. There are career paths possible from both majors that do not include programming. On the other hand, either major would open the door to a career that does include programming. Organizations that are recruiting our students are definitely looking for both CSCI and CINS majors. 


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