California State University Employees Union

Welcome to CSUEU Chapter 302!

Become a Union Steward!

At Chico State, we represent more than 500 employees! By becoming a steward or bargaining unit representative you are taking advantage of an opportunity to work for the greater good, to help people thrive and succeed in their careers, and to be the voice for those who have remained silent.

  1. Empowerment: By becoming a certified union steward, you gain the skills and knowledge to represent your colleagues effectively. You can champion workers' rights, ensuring fairness, and justice on the job.

  2. Influence: Union stewards play a vital role in shaping our union's policies and decisions. Your input will help drive our mission forward, advocating for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

  3. Solidarity: It's a chance to connect with fellow union members, share experiences, and work together to face challenges head-on. When we unite, we are stronger.

  4. Personal Growth: The training is an excellent opportunity for personal development, and enhancing your leadership, communication, and negotiation skills.

Please get in touch with our Chief Steward, Jessie Mendoza, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a Union representative or would love to attend the training! Together, we are stronger!

Grow Our Membership!

From our humble beginnings in the late '80s, we've seen remarkable growth as an employee organization. What started with just 30% membership has evolved into a collective force that champions the rights and benefits of CSU employees. While our journey hasn't been without challenges—such as the struggle to regain our Salary Steps system, which we successfully achieved in 2023—our mission persists. Today, we're proud of our accomplishments but recognize there's more work to do. As we approach the upcoming bargaining cycle, 26% of our union family remain non-members. Join us in fortifying our unity at the bargaining table, ensuring a stronger, more empowered community for all.

Dear non-members, the time has come! To safeguard the strides we've made since our establishment in the late '80s and to ensure the protection of our hard-fought gains (Salary Steps), it's crucial that each of us stands in solidarity with our CSUEU community and becomes an active member of the union(opens in new window). Let's unite for a stronger, more resilient future together.

Grow Our PAC!

Your voice matters. As public sector employees, our influence in shaping policies relies on supporting pro-labor candidates and causes. To amplify our impact in Sacramento, we need a stronger Political Activities Committee (PAC). Your $15 pledge to the PAC will bolster our advocacy team, fuel crucial Lobby Days, and provide vital legislative training for members. Join the Champion Circle today, empowering us to champion your interests effectively.(opens in new window)

Grow Our Union!

Our commitment extends beyond membership—it's about amplifying the collective strength of workers through unionization. Celebrating our recent milestone in securing union elections for students is a testament to our dedication. When we organize non-union employees, our union grows stronger. Our ongoing fight continues as we set our sights on future groups to organize. The voices of thousands of overworked and under-supported student assistants across the CSU system have spurred action. They've chosen unionization to combat these challenges, and we stand by them in their quest for change, as we will with future employee groups in the CSU. 

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