California State University Employees Union

Join Us on the Path to Power!

Join us as we lend a hand to our fellow non-members and show them what solidarity feels like.

Join us as we increase our political power and show the State what public-sector workers can do.

Join us as we welcome those without a union, and grow our organization.

Grow Our Membership!

Since our inception in the late '80s as a small employee organization with just 30% membership, we have grown our numbers as more and more CSU employees recognize the value of being a proud union member. By 1996, we had started to grow, but membership still hovered in the low 30s. The CSU took advantage of that weakness and unilaterally took away our salary steps system. Since 1996 we have been fighting tirelessly to regain our Salary Steps and secure all of the benefits in our contract. As we head into the next bargaining cycle, 28% of our union family are still non-members. We have many options on the table going into 2023. But if we do not fortify our membership, 1996 will repeat itself. The CSU took our salary steps away then, what do you think they will take away next? 

Dear non-members, the time is now! To win Steps and to guard everything we have fought for since our inception in the late '80s, all of us need to commit to our fellow CSUEU siblings and JOIN UP(opens in new window) as members of the union.  

Grow Our PAC!

As public sector employees, we have the unique capability of electing the very people that fund our salaries and benefits. If you look at any union in the nation  they are not without a strong political arm to make sure that they have a seat at the table.  In order to ensure we endorse and lobby pro-labor candidates or issues, we need to make sure we have a seat at the table in Sacramento. Regardless of political affiliation, we only care about one thing only, YOU, the member. We will support candidates and issues that serve our member's best interests, but we can only do that with a strong war chest, our Political Activities Committee (PAC). Increased contributions to out PAC will allow us to increase our political advocacy staff, fund more Lobby Days in Sacramento, and even provide more training opportunities in legislative organizing for our members. We ask that every member pledge $15 contributions to PAC today. Join the Champion Circle and help us reach our Grow Our PAC milestone.(opens in new window)

Grow Our Union!

In addition to membership, our mission as a labor union is to organize those that are not already represented by a union. It is has been our mission since 2005 when we officially became CSUEU. Today, that milestone is in sight as we have heard concerns from thousands of students across the CSU system who are being overworked, underpaid, and with no support to afford housing or food. Students have chosen to form a union to change that, and we will help them!

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