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The Steps Bill ( AB 369) is back!

It’s a new year, with a new governor and new opportunities. Last year's veto was only a temporary setback. CSUEU has reintroduced this critical legislation and Dr. Weber will continue to author our bill.

The new bill, AB 369 (Weber), will restore an annual 5% salary step for CSU support staff with a satisfactory performance evaluation.

CSU support staff are the only state employees who do not receive salary steps. These merit-based salary increases were taken away by the CSU in 1996, and since then the CSU has refused to negotiate salary steps. Over the past two decades, the workers who oversee the functions and operations of the CSU haven’t earned a fair and equitable wage even as the CSU continues to profit from intentionally neglecting its employees.

Next Steps:

As CSUEU members, we will again need you to engage in this campaign through legislative visits, letters and emails. The CSU will no longer be allowed to mistreat the employees who are the backbone of the University.

If you haven’t contributed to the CSUEU PAC, we encourage you to do so(opens in new window). We use PAC monies to support our voices in the Legislature and to support legislators who have a strong record endorsing our issues.

If you haven’t renewed your CSUEU membership, then now is the time to do so.

Join us.(opens in new window) Only together will we win this battle!


Our purpose is to maintain the highest possible quality of life of all our members and their families by negotiating a strong living wage, augmented by employer and union benefits. 

Our focus is protecting, maintaining and enhancing wages, hours and working conditions for our bargaining units and represented members. 

Our vision is a time when education becomes such a high statewide priority that funds are generously allocated in each year’s state budget for the CSU to fulfill its loftiest educational goals while providing its staff with consistently excellent salaries and benefits, all for the betterment of California’s future.