Curriculum Services

Guidelines for Adding Service Learning Status ("S" designation) to a Course

Courses are given an S-designation if they include some elements of civic engagement. This designation is awarded through a formal application process designating the course as an S course in the catalog. Central to an S-Designated course is that it include applied learning and reflective activities to increase students' understanding of the course work. This applied learning can take place through service learning in the community, community-based research or applied practice within the classroom. These courses must be approved by the Service Learning Advisory Committee. This is a new designation and we are still working on both the processes and the quality assurance.

  1. Complete the S-Designation Application (PDF) and forward to Office of Civic Engagement/Service Learning Advisory Committee at
  2. The Service Learning Advisory Committee will notify the initiator(s) if the desired status has been approved.
  3. After the course receives Service Learning status approval, the following policies to change the status of the course must be followed:
  • CPCR
  • Memo of Intent. The memorandum should be circulated after the college approval process via the Intent Distribution List on campus e-mail, with a two week response request deadline.  Distribution of the memo must occur while regular classes are in session (see Catalog Deadlines for due dates).  It is the responsibility of the college dean to respond to any reservations or suggestions received or to refer the matter to Academic Affairs for resolution.  A copy of all responses, reservations, or suggestions, with an indication of how the reservation was accommodated or resolved, should be attached to the Memo of Intent before submitting the paperwork to Curriculum Services in the Office of Undergraduate Education.