Data Science Initiative

Curriculum & Trainings

Undergraduate Certificate in Data Science

Data Science is at the three-way intersection of Statistics, Computer Science, and a third domain such as Business or Biology. Data scientists have the computational skills to extract different types and quantities of data from multiple sources, ensure consistency of the data, create visualizations, and build data products for the information consumer to use. They have the statistical knowledge to build mathematical models and ensure the validity of the data and results. They also have the domain knowledge to gain domain specific insights from the data, and to communicate the results of their work in a verbal or dashboard-like format to non-technical stakeholders. This certificate provides students with the necessary proficiency in both the Statistics and Computer Science domains and a framework to apply these skills in an interdisciplinary manner.

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This certificate is jointly offered by the Department of Mathematics & Statistics(opens in new window), and the Department of Computer Science(opens in new window).

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Technical Skills Workshops

Sign up instructions for workshops forthcoming. For now contact us by email with any requests for training.

  • The Unix Shell
  • Version control with Git
  • Programming with R
  • R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis
Data Analysis

Can be specialized for Ecologists and Social Scientists

  • Data organization in spreadsheets
  • Data Cleaning with Open Refine
  • Data management with SQL
  • Data Analysis and Visualization in R