Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association

George Donald Lillibridge, PhD


Department of History
1952 - 1981
Deceased: 2012 

Dr. Donald Lillibridge grew up in South Dakota where he and George McGovern, who would later be a U.S. senator and presidential candidate, were high school debate team competitors. Later they would be outspoken opponents of the Vietnam War and Lillibridge twice campaigned unsuccessfully to be an anti-war Congressman. He organized the first campus teach-in against the war. 

He helped usher in new courses in Mexican-American, environmental, and immigration history and was the only statewide Trustee's Outstanding Professor in 1970. He taught American history and was a gifted writer and a fiercely protective department chair whose demeanor gave glimpses of his years of leadership as a World War II Marine lieutenant. His specialty was in the nature of American influence overseas. Among his writings was a two-volume book, The American Image: Past and Present.

Dr. Lillibridge gained friends with his wit, engaging nature, brilliant lecturing, and continual nurturing of young faculty. 

Portrait of George Donald Lillibridge, PhD