Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association

Glenn E. Kendall, EdD


University President
Deceased: 2003

Dr. Glenn Kendall’s experience in teaching and school administration was instrumental in seeing academic fields grow from 32 when he started to 70 by his retirement, 11 new buildings erected, extension courses doubled, master’s programs expanded from 3 to 12, enrollment rose from 1,500 to nearly 6,000, and faculty increased from 78 to 305.

He pioneered professional education for nurses, encouraged expansion of applied arts’ vocational courses, influenced the start of the university farm, directed establishment of the Eagle Lake Field Station near Susanville and a nursing center at Travis Air Force Base, and supported growth of teacher training programs everywhere.

Kendall was president of the nationwide Association of State Colleges and Universities and the California Council on Teacher Education. He was a member of Rotary, Commonwealth Club of California, Mt. Lassen Area Council of the Boy Scouts, Butte County Planning Commission and Chico Chamber of Commerce.

His leadership led to a campus academic master plan that would eventually accommodate 10,000 students and the blossoming of programs in nursing, engineering, and agriculture. Instructional administration was reorganized from a plethora of independent departments to a combination of departments within divisions. He captained transition of a teacher training institution to one with excellence in many disciplines.

Dr. Kendall died in 2003 at the age of 102. The university’s administration building is named in his honor.

Portrait of Glenn E. Kendall, EdD