Emeritus and Retired Faculty and Staff Association

Claudia Beaty


Regional and Continuing Education
Department of History

Claudia Beaty’s exceptional skills, institutional knowledge, and cheerful commitment to her department earned her the highest possible accolades from students, faculty, and coworkers.

After six years at Regional & Continuing Education, Beaty spent the next 19 years at the Department of History, and for many people, she was truly the face of the department. She expertly took care of myriad tasks to keep the department running smoothly, from scheduling classes and special events to reimbursing faculty for conferences and research trips. She excelled at making everyone associated with the department feel welcome and appreciated, especially lecturers and part-time staff. One longtime professor said Beaty “knows more about policy, procedure, and the department constitution than anyone else.” Another said, “I could not have done my job as chair without her.”

Beaty’s engagement with the department extended well beyond her work duties, as she attended talks and lectures, attended faculty-led trips, and pursued a master's degree that included history classes and publishing in two historical magazines. In nominating Beaty, current department chair Stephen Lewis wrote, “Claudia was much more than a gifted and caring administrative assistant. She became family. Claudia doubled as an advisor, confident, travel companion, and life coach.” Indeed, a number of history faculty members credit Beaty with creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere in the department that enhanced their careers. One professor recalled the detailed information and warm welcome he received from her in the mail before his visit as a candidate: “I already knew, before setting foot in Chico, that this was a special place indeed.” 

Beaty’s contributions to the University were recognized when she was named Staff Council’s Outstanding Staff Employee of the Year in 2004. She has also made a difference in the community, volunteering for almost 20 years for Enloe Hospice.

She has earned three degrees, all from Chico State: a BA in social science, a BA in German, and an interdisciplinary studies master's in historical and genealogical research.

Portrait of Claudia Beaty