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Cindy Wiener receives the 2018 Distinguished Service Award from Friends of the Herbarium2018 Distinguished Service Award presented to Cindy Wiener
Cindy Wiener receives the 2018 Distinguished Service Award from Friends of the Herbarium. From left is Herbarium Curator Lawrence Janeway, Cindy Wiener, and Friends of the Herbarium board member Emily Doe. Photo by Barbara Castro.

The Friends of the Chico State Herbarium presented Cindy Wiener with their 2018 Distinguished Service Award at their annual meeting. This Award is in recognition of Cindy’s many years of volunteer service to the Chico State Herbarium. Since 2007, Cindy has volunteered in the Herbarium on a regular basis. Her many contributions to the Herbarium include the databasing of almost 7800 specimens, the training of most of the new student trainees and other volunteers that have passed through the Herbarium, and numerous other curatorial and public relations activities.  In recognition of her outstanding service, the Friends presented Cindy with a framed high-quality photograph of windowpane monardella (Monardella venosa), one of Cindy’s favorite plants.

Entire specimen Specimen close

The Chico State Herbarium passed another minor milestone by accessioning its 120,000th specimen – see the number 120,000 stamped in the middle of the Herbarium logo on the lower left side of the sheet in the left photograph. This specimen is another fine example of the collecting and specimen mounting of Lowell Ahart – his collection number 21,434 from last summer.

Located in Holt Hall room 129, the Herbarium is the most complete repository of plant specimens from northeastern California. The emphasis is on the northern California flora, and includes a great number of rare, threatened, and endangered plant species. Established with specimens donated by the late Professor Vesta Holt in the 1950's, the herbarium now contains more than 107,000 dried and mounted plant specimens. The majority of samples are flowering plants, conifers, and ferns, but bryophytes, lichens, and especially slime molds, are also well represented. The herbarium is used extensively for identification of sensitive and other plant species by various agencies and individuals. Loans of herbarium specimens are made to any higher academic institutions who request them.

Facilities available to visitors to the herbarium include the use of high-quality dissecting scopes, a compound microscope, an extensive reference library, an internet-connected computer, an internet connection for personal computers, and, with suitable training, access to the collection of specimens.

Users of the herbarium facilities and collection are encouraged to make plant collections during their field excursions and donate them to the herbarium. This is how the collection grows and increases its utility and importance to the whole botanical community.

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Jim Jokerst Field Botany Award

Jokerst Field Botany Grant Award in Support of Student Research

Gabrielle Wyatt: “Heavy metal phytoremediation at the Butte College Bioswale: Phenological variance in three California natives"

Constantin Raether: “Defense against herbivory by galling Cynipidae wasps in valley oak (Quercus lobate): testing the Plant Vigor Hypothesis and the Phenological Synchrony Hypothesis in a large common garden experiment"

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming 2019 workshops from Friends of the Herbarium!

Riparian Ecology
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May 8, 2019

Introduction to Willow Identification
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May 11, 2019

Details coming soon on the following:

Bee Identification Workshop led by Rob Irwin
(date TBD)

Maintenance of Native Plant Gardens
(Fall 2019)

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