History Department

The Chico Historian

The Chico Historian has been published by CSUC history students since 1990. It offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to publish their best class papers. Undergraduates and graduates alike are encouraged to submit their excellent work for publication in this student-run journal.

Use Kate L. Turabian's Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations as your style guide. Drop off hard-copy papers in the History Department Office: ask for the Chico Historian box.

Please direct your questions to Dr. Alisa Wade: awade@csuchico.edu

The Chico Historian Archive

Volume 29, 2019

Volume 28, 2018 (PDF)

Volume 27, 2017 (PDF)

Volume 26, 2016 (PDF)

Volume 25, 2015 (PDF)

Volume 24, 2014 (PDF)

Volume 23, 2013 (PDF)

Volume 21, 2011 (PDF)

Volume 20, 2010 (PDF)

Volume 19, 2009 (PDF)

Volume 18, 2008 (PDF)

Volume 17, 2007 (PDF)

Volume 16, 2006 (PDF)

Volume 15, 2005 (PDF)