Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics

November 2020 - Student and Employee Diversity at Chico State

The Office of Institutional Research at CSU, Chico has recently released a series of Employee and Student Diversity Dashboards, which track changes over time in the racial / ethnic composition of campus employees and enrolled students. These dashboards enable users to create a variety of interesting data visualizations, which can aid in assessing our campus’ progress towards its strategic goals of equity, inclusion, and diversity.

One commonly-used metric of equity and inclusion in higher education is the relative racial and ethnic composition of enrolled students versus that of campus staff, faculty, and administration. As a federally-designated Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), the inclusion and representation of the Hispanic / Latinx population at CSU, Chico is especially important.

CSU, Chico By the Numbers

Percentage who identified as Hispanic or Latinx (Fall 2019):

34% of students, 9% of employees

Size of Hispanic / Latinx community at CSU, Chico (Fall 2012 to 2019):

3,186 to 5,816 (83%) increase for students; 36 to 40 (11%) increase for faculty.

Students: Increase from 3,186 to 5,816 (83%) Faculty: Increase from 36 to 40 (11%)

Read a two-page report (PDF) that further explores California’s racial / ethnic diversity and changes in the Hispanic / Latinx population on our campus.

Explore more general information (PDF) on how CSU, Chico students feel about inclusion and engagement with diversity on our campus, from the 2020 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

Further Reading:

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