Institutional Research and Strategic Analytics

Reports for Faculty Advisors


  • These reports all require a Chico State account. Your account will provide access to a baseline set of data/reports; additional permissions may be required for deeper access. If you need a reporting system account, please submit a request in the Service Catalog(opens in new window).
  • Access to many of these reports will require a campus IP address or access through campus VPN(opens in new window).
  • This is only a subset of the most useful reports.  Campus reporting systems include hundreds of additional reports.
Student Reports
Advisor/Service Indicator(opens in new window)Academic information on students including name of assigned advisor.
Census Primary and Secondary Majors(opens in new window)Provides a list of students within given majors.
Applicant Student Counts By Academic Plan(opens in new window)Supplies a summary by academic career and academic plan of Student Applications, Admitted and Enrolled counts.
Academic Info for Enrolled Students by Class(opens in new window)Academic information for enrolled students by class for a term..
Course & Scheduling Reports
Class Enrollment Report(opens in new window)Provides a real-time list of classes by section with open seats and waitlist for open terms. Shows grade level distribution of enrolled and waitlisted students.
Class Schedule Report(opens in new window)Provides a list of sections with instructor, room, enrollment, max, and room cap.
Class Listing by Term, College and Department, plus WTU per Class (opens in new window)Listing of classes offered for a semester, including the amount of WTU each class generates per semester.
Current FTES by Term and College(opens in new window)Provides the headcount, SCU, total FTES, and resident FTES by college and department for a selected term.
Faculty Teaching Schedule(opens in new window)Provides instructor, class, class type, meeting time/location, room size, number of enrolled students, and instruction mode of instruction..
Percent of DFUWI Grades(opens in new window)Provides the percentage of assigned grades that are D, F, U, W, I by course, department, and college.
Course Grade Distribution(opens in new window)Provides the distribution of grades assigned by course with summary by lower, upper and graduate levels.
Undergrad Applicants, Admits, and Enrolled(opens in new window)Provides the number of undergraduate students who applied, were admitted, and enrolled across colleges, departments, and majors.