Latin American Studies

About Latin American Studies

Mission Statement

The Latin American Studies (LAST) program of California State University, Chico promotes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Latin America. Coursework invites students to critically analyze complex issues utilizing diverse sources, to recognize various cultural practices and worldviews, and to engage different theoretical frameworks in the humanities and social sciences. The program encourages the use of multimedia resources in the classroom and creates opportunities for collaborative learning on campus and in the community.

Students are encouraged to pair the major or minor in Latin American Studies with other majors, to complete the Global Development Studies pathway minor and to explore experiential learning through study abroad in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Costa Rica, or Mexico.

The LAST program faculty enrich the academic experience with a multicultural perspective and create a supportive environment for students who come from diverse backgrounds. Students graduating with a degree in Latin American Studies will have the language skills and the academic and cultural preparation needed to both understand and participate in our increasingly interconnected world.