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Electronic Books

Linking to Electronic Books

The Meriam Library provides access to seven major eBooks collections (1) ACLS Humanities E-Book(opens in new window) (2) Safari Books Online(opens in new window) (3) Gale Virtual Reference Library(opens in new window) (4) Oxford Reference Online(opens in new window) and (5) CQ Political Reference Suite,(opens in new window) (6) EBSCOhost eBooks(opens in new window) (7) Ebook Central (opens in new window)
as well as individual titles selected by faculty and the library.

Generally we recommend that you first find the books that you want in one of the collections, and then obtain their links in the Meriam library catalog. The links in the catalog offer the advantage of already having the Proxy server address appended to them.*
For most of the databases you can also capture the links on their book's web pages. Below are instructions on how to capture links in the databases themselves, which in some cases also offer links to individual pages in their books!

(1) ACLS Humanities E-Book (formerly History E-Books)
Besides the links provided on the record for a book in library catalog, you can also find links under "save citation" or "table of contents" on the ACLS website.

(2) Links in Safari Books Online are on the bottom of their books' pages.

(3) Gale Reference Virtual Reference Library:
After locating a book on the Gale website(opens in new window) that you want to use, locate the record for that book in the library catalog(opens in new window). Next right click with your mouse (if you are using a PC) on the link to this item which is shown on the library record below at "link to online resource below" (if you are using a single click Mac Mouse do a control-click). Select "copy shortcut" from the menu choices. Paste this link where you want to use it. You can alos get a link on a record for a book, get stable links at ”Bookmark”à “Bookmark this Document."

(4) Oxford Reference Online
Go to the database and find the book that you want, and copy the URL from the address bar of your browser:
Add the proxy address in new window) to the front of this link.
Detailed instructions(opens in new window) for linking to Oxford are available on their website.

(5) CQ Political Reference Suite
At the bottom of the page of an item you will find a "Document URL" that you can copy and use. Remember to add our proxy server link to it, in new window).

(6) EBSCOhost eBooks (formerly net Library) Click on the link for the eBook collection on the EBSCO page(opens in new window).
Click the eBook title in the Results list of your search, and in the right column is a "Permalink" button that you can capture and use.

(7) Ebook Central(opens in new window) On the landing page of the book that you want, click on the "share a link" icon located on the left hand side of the page. Copy and paste the url that is provided wherever you need it.