Department of Music, Theatre and Dance

General Music

General Music is for students who wish to study music as a broadly based liberal arts education and is designed to appeal to the student who desires a course of study with several areas of focus that include performance and non-performance subjects.

Under the mandatory guidance of an advisor, students have the ability to construct a 4-year plan that is catered to their individual area of focus.

Students are encouraged to pursue and study one or more of the focus area program options:

  • ethnomusicology 
  • instrumental performance
  • jazz studies
  • keyboard performance
  • music composition
  • music history
  • vocal performance 

Admission to the University

Students interested in General Music should apply to the University during the initial admission application filing period of October 1 through November 30 for the following Fall semester. Applications submitted after November will not be accepted. If you have not yet applied for admission here are some additional web sites: California State University Chico’s main web page. You can find information about admissions and apply online (this site includes links for freshmen, transfer students, international students, and graduate students). You can also email the University for information at in new window). The telephone number for Admissions is (530) 898-6321.

Dr. Hope Munro
Office: PAC 203
Phone: 898-3036
Program Coordinators

Prof. David Dvorin
Music Composition
Office: PAC 211
Phone: 898-3036

Dr. Natalya Shkoda
Keyboard Performance
Office: PAC 244
Phone: 898-4043

Prof. Rocky Winslow
Instrumental Performance
Jazz Studies
Office: PAC 249
Phone: 898-3036

Dr. David Scholz
Vocal Performance
Office: PAC 138
Phone: 898-6127

Dr. Hope Munro
Music History
Office: PAC 203
Phone: 898-3036