Department of Music, Theatre and Dance

BA In Music

About the Program

Our BA program is structured for the student's interested and passions in mind. With several options to choose from, our students are given the opportunity to explore the many facets of music in performance, education, recording, music industry, and history.

Our Option in General Music offers a less tightly structured series of courses, intended to give a "broad brush" view of the music discipline. Theses courses include music technology, conducting, non-Western music, scoring/arranging, and many others.

The Option in Music Education prepares students to meet the challenges of teaching through a combination of courses and field experiences. Graduates leave our program with the preparation needed to enter the Credential Program as well as the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the K-12 music classroom.

The Option in Music Industry includes coursework in music, business, technology, and music industry. Areas of study include copyright, management, marketing, and contracting and prepare students for further education or employment in various fields of music industry including business manager, personal manager, and music law.

The Option in Recording Arts provides a curriculum for students who wish to seek employment in fields combining music and technology. Completion of this program will offer  a music major enhanced employment opportunities in technical areas; i.e., in the recording industry (recording engineer, director, producer, editor, music coordinator, etc.) and in music synthesis (electronic musical instruments–composition, performance, teaching, retail sales, etc.)