Office of the President

Graphic Standards for University Publications for Prospective Students

Executive Memorandum 97-002 February 10, 1997

From: Manuel A. Esteban, President

Subject: Graphic Standards for University Publications for Prospective Students


In August 1995, several groups of students, faculty, staff, and administrators completed an analysis of the publications CSU, Chico sends to prospective students. The results of the study are contained in the brochure, Guidelines for Preparing Publications for Prospective and New Students. Recently a publications committee reviewed that plan, refined the graphic standards for these publications, and recommended to Cabinet that they be implemented. I strongly believe that publications with consistent themes and a consistent design system will communicate Chico State's strengths most effectively. Therefore, I request that all those responsible for producing publications intended for prospective students adhere to these graphic standards.

The design system provides the following advantages:

  • A coherent professional identity that helps readers immediately recognize publications as belonging to CSU, Chico
  • An economy of effort and expense: departments and IMC Graphics staff have an existing model to work from, eliminating the need to re-create designs annually
  • A variety of choices within the design system, allowing departments various options to distinguish their program pieces from other campus programs
  • A flexibility that allows the design to be adapted for production of flyers, brochures, newsletters, or posters

IMC Graphics has the template for this design and is available to work with you on your publications. You are encouraged to contact Graphics (x6113) as early as possible in the design stage to schedule your project. The Graphics staff can show you samples of design variations and color options available. A sample of the design, reproduced in black and white, is enclosed. The 1996-97 Directory provides a two-color sample, and Graphics has four-color examples as well.

The design system for publications for prospective and new students will be evaluated and refined as needed every two years--to coincide with The University Catalog publishing cycle.

The Publications Committee included the following faculty and staff: Caroline Aldrich, Advising; Carol Berg, President's Office; Gregg Berryman, Communication Design; Casey Huff, Publications; Laura Kling, IMC Graphics; Rocky Raquel, Admissions Outreach; Thomasin Saxe, Publications. Please call one of them if you have questions regarding the graphic standards.