Office of the President

Instructionally Related Activities

Executive Memorandum 16-002 February 8, 2016

From: Paul J. Zingg, President

Subject: Instructionally Related Activities


This document establishes an Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Advisory Committee and sets forth administrative policies associated with instructionally related activities funded by the IRA fee.


The Instructionally Related Activities Advisory Committee reviews and recommends IRA programs consistent with the California Education Code, Section 89230 and pursuant to Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 41800.2. The IRA fee is established in accordance with Executive Order 1102.

Committee Membership

  • Four student members appointed annually by the President of the Associated Students, who will designate one of these members as committee chair; and
  • Four faculty members appointed by the University President, following consultation with the Executive Committee of the Academic Senate. Appointments will be for staggered two-year terms.

Staff Support to the Committee

Each of the following offices will designate one individual as staff support to the committee. Staff support members are not formal committee members and are non-voting.

  • Office of the Provost
  • Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Office of the Vice President for University Advancement
  • University Budget Office

Committee Charge

  • The IRA Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the President and the Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) on the level of IRA fees.
  • The IRA Advisory Committee will make recommendations to the Provost on the allocation of IRA fees, including baseline fees at the college level.
  • The IRA Advisory Committee has the authority to determine the types of activities funded by IRA fees.

Note: Special athletic fees are allocated by the Vice President for Student Affairs, not by the IRA Advisory Committee.


Each college will manage funds allocated to their IRA program(s) and any revenue generated by these programs, subject to budget approval by the Provost.

The Provost will assign an administrative unit to provide IRA Program Support. IRA Program Support is responsible for coordinating meetings, taking minutes, tracking allocations, and generating campus communications.


The Provost will determine the level of reimbursement for program support based upon recommendation from the assigned unit’s administrator. This reimbursement will be reflected in the baseline allocation of IRA Fees.

Programs applying for IRA status must first obtain a recommendation from their college. The IRA Advisory Committee will review the programs and forward their recommendations to the Provost. The Provost will review the recommendations and take final action whether to approve the program for IRA status.