Office of the President

Campus Sustainability Committee

Executive Memorandum 19-033 December 19, 2019

From: Gayle E. Hutchinson, President 

Subject: Campus Sustainability Committee

Upon the recommendation of the Academic Senate and the concurrence of the Provost, I approve the Campus Sustainability Committee, effective immediately.

Campus Sustainability Committee


As a 2007 founding signatory of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, Chico State has long been dedicated to promoting a sustainable campus culture and creating interdisciplinary approaches to learning and research.  University and student leadership has charted a path toward a sustainable campus by embracing ambitious goals: adherence to the CSU Sustainability Policy; achieve climate neutrality by 2030; 80% waste reduction by 2020; remain responsive to additional sustainability needs; accelerate research and educational efforts to equip students, faculty, staff, and community members for a sustainable and resilient future; and adherence to all local, state, and federal regulations.

These commitments necessitate the establishment of an institutional structure to provide leadership, support, and resources to the development and implementation of programs to realize these goals.  The Campus Sustainability Committee (CSC) will serve to fully integrate sustainability practices and principles across all facets of our campus.


The role of the CSC is to facilitate the achievement of CSU, Chico’s sustainability goals. It is important that the composition of the CSC reflects the ability of the committee to facilitate accountability for attaining these goals.  The CSC will provide leadership in identifying mechanisms, resources and structure to integrate sustainability concepts into all core functions of the university. The CSC will provide support and leadership for implementing sustainability across the campus via subcommittees covering focus areas targeted at meeting campus sustainability goals.  Subcommittees will be led by a member of the CSC and will include additional members from the CSC, faculty, staff, students, and community members as appropriate for meeting subcommittee goals. Initial subcommittees are identified in the appendix.  



The CSC will be composed of 21 members as identified below.

  1. Vice President of Academic Affairs (or designee)
  2. Vice President of Business and Finance (or designee)

Voting Ex Officio Members:

  1. Associate VP Facilities and Capital Projects (or designee)
  2. Executive Director of the Associated Students (or designee)
  3. Housing Facilities Director (or designee)
  4. Campus Sustainability Manager (or designee)
  5. Associated Students Sustainability Coordinator (or designee)
  6. Associated Students Sustainability Affairs Commissioner (or designee)
  7. Associated Students Recycling Coordinator (or designee)
  8. General Education Sustainability Pathway and Climate Change Coordinator (or designee)
  9. Rawlins Endowed Professor (or designee)

Voting Appointments:

  1. Representative appointed by the President
  2. Representative appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs
  3. Representative appointed by the Vice President of University Advancement
  4. Representative appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs
  5. Representative appointed by the Vice President of Business and Finance
  6. Staff member appointed by Staff Council
  7. Staff member appointed by Information Resources
  8. Student appointed by the AS Sustainability Coordinator
  9. Student appointed by Campus Sustainability Manager
  10. Faculty member appointed by Academic Senate

All appointed faculty and staff members of the CSC will serve two-year appointments with the option for renewal; student representatives will serve one-year appointments. 


The CSC will meet monthly during the academic semester with a minimum of eight meetings during the calendar year.  The CSC will provide guidance and leadership to subcommittees based on the above outlined focus areas.  Each member of the CSC is expected to either chair or actively participate in a subcommittee.  

Once a subcommittee chair is identified, that chair is responsible for identifying subcommittee goals and bringing together the stakeholders needed to achieve the goals.  It is recommended that each subcommittee include relevant faculty, staff, students, and community members/organizations.  

CSC Expectations

  1. Provide leadership, eliminate barriers and recommend allocation of resources to achieve Chico State sustainability goals
  2. Actively encourage and advise the campus community on meeting our sustainability goals
  3. Assist in directing subcommittee goal development, tracking, and reporting
  4. Publicly publish an annual progress report and present to Academic Senate

CSC Subcommittee Expectations

  1. Identify annual priorities and goals
  2. Present plans to the CSC that include work plan, members, timeline, resources needed, and impact
  3. Implement plan
  4. Provide progress reports to CSC

Campus Sustainability Manager Expectations

  1. Provide technical, advisory, and administrative assistance to CSC and subcommittees
  2. Publicly report CSC progress
  3. Report to entities to whom campus leadership has made commitments

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