Sustainability at Chico State

This Way to Sustainability Conference: "Resiliency in a Changing World"

March 26-27, 2020

2019 This Way To Sustainability

We are heading into the 15th year of the This Way to Sustainability (TWTS) conference. This year's theme is "Resiliency in a Changing World." TWTS conference is a nationally recognized, student-run conference focusing on challenges, ideas, solutions, and resiliency in planning our sustainable future. The conference hosts 1,400 participants each year with a variety of respected professionals speaking on the many aspects of sustainability. The goal of the conference is to educate students, staff and faculty, and community members; providing attendees an opportunity to network, discuss, and become more aware of pertinent environmental and social issues we all face.

Call for Proposals

On behalf of the This Way to Sustainability (TWTS) planning committee, we would like to open the call for presentation and poster display proposals! If you wish to be a part of our groundbreaking conference and speak in one of our 7 categories, please submit your presentation at ProposalSpace by November 30th.

Categories include: 

  1. Environment, Land Planning & Natural Systems
  2. Built Environments, Engineering & Waste Management
  3. Health, Wellness, Diet & Nutrition 
  4. Sustainable Food Systems & Regenerative Agriculture 
  5. Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Supply Chain Management
  6. Social Justice & Public Policy
  7. Arts, Humanities & Creative Expression. 

Presentations must be submitted in PDF format. You must include a title, a summary (typically one paragraph or a bullet-point list of talking points), and the name of the presenter. Please reach out to Mackenzie Paddock or Emily Bruns if you have any further questions.

Conference registration will open in January.