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Technology & Learning Program

Who Moved My Zoom? 

Starting 5/26/2020, there is a new Zoom integration in Blackboard Learn.

New Blackboard Learn / Zoom Integration 

We think faculty will appreciate the flexibility of the the new Zoom integration, including: 

  • Ability to specify "recurring" meetings when adding Zoom meetings to Blackboard Learn. 
  • Ability to turn waiting room on or off when adding Zoom meetings to Blackboard Learn. 
  • Ability to have a password automatically appended to your Zoom link within Blackboard Learn.  

See the new Zoom/Blackboard Learn integration in action...

Common Questions

We will do our best to update you with answers in a rapidly changing environment.  

 Q: Where do I go to add a Zoom link in Blackboard Learn? 

A: From the Blackboard Learn folder where you want the link to go, choose Build Content > Zoom. Follow the step-by-step instructions for Scheduling a Zoom meeting in Blackboard Learn (Google Doc)

Q: Will passwords be applied to all of my existing Zoom meetings? 

A: If you use a Zoom Personal Meeting Room, that does now have a password applied. 
Please re-send the Invite to your Zoom Personal Meeting Room, if applicable

A: For existing Blackboard Learn Zoom links, they will continue to work without a password. 

A: For existing meetings scheduled outside of Blackboard Learn, they will continue to work without a password, however, you will see an icon indicating there is no password. Once you click Edit Meeting, and then Save, a password will be applied. Sound confusing? It is. We had to figure this one out ourselves so feel free to contact if you want guidance or reassurance.    

Q: Do students need a password for my Office Hours meeting? 

A: TLP recommends enabling both a password and the waiting room feature for office hours meetings.

Q: Is there Zoom training for campus?

A: TLP offers training and support for faculty using Zoom, including  webinars for new and advanced users.(opens in new window)