Technology & Learning Program

Canvas is coming...

October 13th, 2022

Great news! You will have access to Canvas next week... 

For fall, we know you’re busy teaching and supporting students. Our goal is to provide you with timely and targeted instructions, information, and resources to help you gradually onboard into Canvas for Spring. Watch for the following announcements over the next few weeks:

  • October 19 - Access and getting started with Canvas
  • October 26 - Access to live and on demand Canvas training and documentation
  • November 2 - Access to your 2022 migrated courses in Canvas!

We will continue to communicate and provide on-going support throughout the fall and winter to ensure you are ready to teach your courses in Canvas for spring.

If you’re on the fence about teaching in Canvas in the Spring, here is some feedback from the students taking courses in Canvas this fall. 

Canvas is a lot easier to use, it helps me manage what work needs to be done first. There is a to-do list with up-coming assignments that is really helpful.

I think that Canvas is much more user friendly than BB Learn. I used BB for all four years of my undergrad and had never used Canvas and the switch was super easy.