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How Do I Get Trained in a HyFlex Room? 

Teaching in a HyFlex room is more than just turning on the camera and the projector.

You need to consider your course objectives and determine how to engage both the in-person and online students. This past summer, we offered GoFlex(opens in new window), a 5-day, hands-on session for faculty to practice teaching in the ChicoFlex classrooms. We will offer another version of GoFlex in Winter of 2021.

In the meantime:

Using Tablets for Whiteboard & Annotation

Tips for setting Up your IPAD 

  • Considerations for connecting to iCloud [coming soon]
  • From your IPAD, select Self Service.
  • From the upper-left, select the ... and choose TLP recommends. 

Joining a Zoom Meeting with a Tablet

  1. From your tablet, open the link to your Zoom meeting.
  2. Choose Do Not Connect to Audio if you are using it for whiteboard. 
  3. From Zoom, select Share Content. See below for annotation tips. 
Note: There are special considerations if you teach in a room with wireless mirroring.  

Annotating Using your IPAD  

  • Zoom Whiteboard (easiest) 
  • Web Site 
  • Slides
  • PDFs

Dual Monitors  

New to dual monitors? Check out this very informal how-to video (3 min).