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Update: How to Use HyFlex Classroom

Limitations of the Room Whiteboard

Using the physical whiteboard in your HyFlex classroom is relatively easy. However, we want to make you aware of a few limitations.

  • Remote Zoom students have a harder time seeing the whiteboard; use Zoom's Spotlight feature(opens in new window) to help with this. 
  • You need whiteboard markers that work.
  • Some HyFlex classrooms have environmental or space restrictions where the camera cannot be mounted in a position to see the whiteboard. 

Annotating on your IPAD

Join your existing Zoom Meeting from your IPAD

  1. From your tablet, open the link to your Zoom meeting.
  2. Choose Do Not Connect to Audio if you are using it for the whiteboard. 
  3. From Zoom, select Share Content. See below for annotation tips.

Zoom Whiteboard

  • Pros: relatively easy, pretty darn decent control with Apple pencil
  • Cons: Limited screen real estate; must save as a photo 

Note-taking Apps

  • Apple Notes(opens in new window)
    • Pros: More sophisticated than zoom whiteboard, enables embedding media
    • Cons: Single, scrolling note; not as easy to screen share as zoom whiteboard 
  • Notability(opens in new window) 
    • Pros: Allows you to add sections to your notes, import/export to your preferred storage area (Google Drive, Box etc), embed media
    • Cons: Costs around $10, a little more difficult to screen share 

Slides, Documents, PDFs

  Using the Apple Pencil (general tips)(opens in new window)