This Way to Sustainability Conference


Schedule At A Glance

TWTS 2021 Conference Schedule (All Times are Pacific)
Thursday | March 25, 2020

Conference opening remarks - President Gayle Hutchinson, Cynthia Daley, Cheri Chastain

9:00-10:00Keynote: Bill Shireman(opens in new window), In This Together: how to reach across the political and economic divide toward finding workable solutions to our Climate Crisis”
10:10-11:00Breakout Session 1(opens in new window)
11:10-12:00Breakout Session 2(opens in new window)
12:00-1:00Take a break, stretch, and get some lunch!
1:00-2:00Keynote: Jennifer Atkinson(opens in new window), “Eco-Grief & Climate Anxiety: In a time when there is so much bad news, how do we learn to cope?”
2:10-3:00Breakout Session 3(opens in new window)
3:10-4:00Breakout Session 4(opens in new window)
4:30-6:00Environmental Community Gathering Happy Hour(opens in new window)
Friday | March 26, 2020
9:00-10:00Keynote: Katharine Wilkinson(opens in new window), “All We Can Save: Leading on Climate with Truth, Courage, and Solutions
10:10-11:00Breakout Session 5(opens in new window)
11:10-12:00Breakout Session 6(opens in new window)
12:00-1:00Leah Penniman(opens in new window), Uprooting Racism and Seeding Sovereignty
1:00-2:00Take a break and stretch
2:10-3:45Concurrent workshops(opens in new window)
4:00-4:15Closing Comments with Provost Larson