Child Lab Participation

Research and Observation in the Associated Students Child Development Laboratory

Welcome to the Associated Students Child Development Laboratory (ASCDL) site, a Title V and state licensed, full day early childhood program for more than 80 families associated with California State University, Chico. The ASCDL is a partnership between the Child Development Program and the Associated Students.

The children come from throughout the community; many are children of Chico State students. There are four classrooms, and children range in age from infancy to prekindergarten. Children have many opportunities to choose activities throughout the day which interest them for long or short periods of time. There is a balance between child-selected and teacher-presented activities.

The ASCDL functions as an instructional facility for students and faculty. University students observe and participate with children regularly and are an integral part of the program. Approved research projects are conducted also a part of the ASCDL. Information related to university student observation, participation, and research is available on this Web site. Full time permanent staff provide the core leadership for the children’s programming. This program follows the academic calendar.

About the Program

Contact Information

Cindy Ratekin, Child Development Department
Contact –530-898–5250

Sally Miller, Director of AS Child Development Lab
Contact –530-898–5865