Degree Audit Programming

We are a project within Enrollment Management. Our primary focus is coordinating the Student Administration portion of PeopleSoft. In addition, we are responsible for system-wide reporting and implementing the degree audit and transfer credit portion of PeopleSoft. 

Mission Statement

In alignment with the mission of Enrollment Management, Degree Audit Programming supports the Chico campus community and external entities by providing leadership for the implementation, management, and maintenance of the following HCM CS modules:

Academic Advising/Transfer Credit

  • Responsible for building of plans for use in the degree progress report, and the coding and support for automated articulation of transfer credit

Campus Community

  • Responsible for the accuracy and integrity of biographical and demographical data

System-wide Reporting

  • Responsible for the submission of required reports to the Chancellor’s Office including applicants, enrolled students, teacher credentialing, and degrees conferred statistics


Looking for SA Security?

Student Administration Security is now located in the Information Security Office

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