Student Records & Registration

Student Records and Registration supports students and the campus community in maintaining the accuracy of the student academic record by facilitating the registration process and student related updates to their record including:

  • Supports the registration for current and prior terms
  • Processes registration forms
  • Maintains immunization requirements
  • Withdrawals
  • Planned educational leave requests
  • Processes changes to majors and minors
  • Transcript Requests
  • Repeat with Forgiveness requests

Dates & Deadlines

Feb 16

Add Request and Drop Request forms for spring 2018 require a serious and compelling reason and approval of instructor, chair, and dean.  Drops are assigned a grade of 'W' to indicate withdrawal.

Feb 26

A $10 late fee applies for each Add Request or Drop Request through May 18, 2018.

Apr 9

Priority Registration for Continuing Students begins for Fall 2018, through May 18

Apr 23

Drop Requests require a verifiable serious illness or accident with circumstances clearly beyond your control, approved by the instructor, chair, and dean.  Student requests for Withdrawal from all classes must be received in Academic Advising Office no later than 5 p.m. on the Thursday prior to finals week. 


Authorization to Release

Students may authorize the release of specific record information to designated third-parties. For the help guide, click here.

CSU Fully Online

Students now have access to more online courses at another CSU.  To learn more click here.