Student Records & Registration

Step 1: Determine Eligibility to Register

New Applicants and Readmitted Students

You are allowed to enroll only if you have been admitted to the University.  Admission decisions are determined by Admissions for undergraduates and Graduate Studies for post baccalaureates.  New Students register as outlined in Important Dates & Deadlines.  Once admitted, you may review information regarding your record in the Student enter via the Portal.

If you are an undergraduate returning from a Planned Educational Leave, you are considered a Continuing Student.

Continuing Students

If you were enrolled at Chico in the immediately preceding semester (summer term not included), have not applied to graduate or did not graduate at the end of the preceding semester, and were not academically disqualified, you are considered a continuing student. Continuing Students register as outlined in Important Dates & Deadlines.  Review your Student Center via the Portal for additional information.

Remember to review your Student Center via the Portal for holds that may prevent registration, registration time periods, and additional information.

Registration Steps

Step 1
Determine Eligibility to Register

Step 2
Decide What Classes You Need

Step 3
Review Your Record for Holds or Other Registration Requirements

Step 4
Enroll in Classes

Step 5
Ensure that Fees are Paid