Student Records & Registration

Step 5: Ensure that Fees are Paid

Review Important Dates & Deadlines to determine the Registration and Tuition Fee Deadline. Registration fees are due by the deadline whether or not you are enrolled in any classes as of that date. Your ability to register for classes may be restricted after the deadline if fees are not paid or sufficient financial aid is not accepted. Ensure that you have sufficient anticipated financial aid or payment on account for the total number of units in which you intend to enroll.

Financial Aid Students

If you plan to use financial aid to pay your registration fees, review the Student Financial Services website, especially Payment Information - Financial Aid to ensure you understand your responsibilities. Additional information about how financial aid pays registration fees and tuition is located at Financial Aid & University Charges. If your disbursement amount is greater than your fees and charges, sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and ensure that you have cleared all holds and enrolled in the minimum required number of units at least 10 days before the semester begins. If you are unsure of your required enrollment minimums, see Eligibility and Enrollment on the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office website.

All Other Students

You must pay fees in time to assure receipt by Student Financial Services on or before the Registration and Tuition Fee Payment Deadline. See Payment Information for more information about deadlines and payment methods.

For additional information about financial credits and refunds if you drop classes or withdraw for the semester, see Refunds.

For additional information about registration timelines and required forms, see the Class Add and Drop Process.

Registration Steps

Step 1
Determine Eligibility to Register

Step 2
Decide What Classes You Need

Step 3
Review Your Record for Holds or Other Registration Requirements

Step 4
Enroll in Classes

Step 5
Ensure that Fees are Paid