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Step 2: Determine What Classes You Need

Determine Your Requirements

A bachelor’s degree consists of at least 120-135 units of credit, depending on the degree program you are pursuing. All degree requirements are described in the University Catalog(opens in new window). Chico is dedicated to giving you the best information and advising possible to assure that you can graduate on time. Please see “Undergraduate Education” in the University Catalog(opens in new window). Discuss your graduation plan and time frame with your advisor each semester. For planning assistance, see also the "Major Academic Plans (MAP)".

Review the resources below to determine the classes you need:
  • The Class Schedule includes information for upcoming semesters to help you plan your academic year. It is updated hourly and includes updated schedule information, new classes, cancellations, and changes in class time and location. You may see up-to-date information about classes in the Student Center via the Portal.
  • The University Catalog(opens in new window) is a resource for understanding graduation requirements, current degree program requirements, and accessing course descriptions. If you are eligible to follow requirements from an earlier catalog, you may do so. See “Catalog Rights under "Bachelor Degree Requirements:” for more information. You can also discuss your catalog rights with your Graduation Advisor in the Office of the Registrar, SSC 110. You can access all University catalogs by visiting the Catalog Library.
  • The Degree Progress Report(DPR) in the Student Center via the Portal is a listing of your graduation requirements: total units, upper-division, residency, Diversity (United States Diversity and Global Cultures), American Institutions (U.S. Constitution and California State and Local Government and U.S. History), General Education, and your major/option. It contains both transfer work and work taken at CSU, Chico. Check your DPR each semester to determine your remaining requirements and to plan for your next semester's courses. Questions about General Education requirements? Contact Graduation Advising. Questions about major requirements? Contact your major department.

Meet with an Advisor

Orientation is offered to new students and their parents are invited to attend a Orientation session for the best possible introduction to CSU, Chico. Orientation programs and services are specifically designed to introduce you to campus services, resources, and organizations, assist you with course selection and registration, to help you understand policies and procedures, and to answer your questions. Additional orientation and welcome activities are typically planned during the week before school starts each semester during Wildcat Welcome.

Plan to see your major advisor each semester. Your advisor may be assigned to you in the Student Center in the Portal or determined by contacting the department of your major. Some majors have mandatory advising. Review the "Index to Degrees, Majors and Undergraduate Major Academic Programs" to locate additional department information. If you are an undergraduate student and have not declared a major, meet with an advisor in Academic Advising, SSC 220. If you are a graduate student, consult your graduate advisor in the department or the Office of Graduate Studies, SSC 406, 530-898-6880.

Plan Your Semester

  1. Review your DPR and search for classes in the Student Center via the Portal, see the Class Schedule, and check the University Catalog (opens in new window)for complete course descriptions of all the classes you are considering. Take note of any prerequisites, corequisites, and the semester(s) the courses are offered.
  2. Determine which courses have the greatest priority for you, and list the courses you want in priority order including the Class Number which identifies the course and section. Note alternative courses or sections which will also fit your schedule (see the Schedule Builder (PDF).) You will be limited to a maximum of 18 units. During Open Registration and Add/Drop, students may add up to 21 units except graduate students that may add up to 18 units for the semester. See Important Dates & Deadlines and Step 4: Enroll in Classes for additional information.
Registration Steps

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Determine Eligibility to Register

Step 2
Decide What Classes You Need

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Review Your Record for Holds or Other Registration Requirements

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Enroll in Classes

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Ensure that Fees are Paid