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Asia is the world's most populous region. It is home to the oldest continuous civilizations and some of the world's most vibrant economies. For many years, U.S. trade across the Pacific has been far greater than trade across the Atlantic. Asian societies have worked out their own distinctive solutions to some of humanity's most enduring predicaments. Today, Asia's ancient religions and beliefs are showing remarkable flexibility in adapting to the challenges of the modern world.

If you are intrigued by this fascinating region of the world, the Asian Studies major and minor offer courses including Japanese and Chinese language, ancient and modern history, religions as varied as Sikhism and Buddhism, explorations of social issues, art and literature, and much more.

Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of CSU, Chico Study Abroad opportunities in China, India, Japan, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

For more information, contact:

Jason Clower, Religious Studies and Asian Studies

Asian Studies Course Offerings - Fall 2015

ASST 110 Intro. to Asian Studies 

CHNS 101A Beginning Chinese I 

CHNS 102A Beginning Chinese II 

CHNS 201 Intermediate Chinese I 

CHNS 202 Intermediate Chinese II 

ECON 375 Developing Countries 

HUMN 224 Arts & Ideas: Asia 

JAPN 101 First-Semester Japanese 

JAPN 102 Second-Semester Japanese 

JAPN 201 Third--Semester Japanese 

JAPN 202 Fourth-Semester Japanese 

JAPN 301 Advanced Reading and Writing 

JAPN 305 Conversational Japanese 

RELS 110 Asian Religions  

RELS 313 Buddhism 

POLS 302 Politics of the Developing World 

POLS 413 Political Development