Virus & Security

Virus Information Websites

Electronic Device Disposal

To meet California law for electronic waste disposal and to reduce the risk of accidental disclosure of confidential information, new procedures and guidelines have been developed to ensure the secure disposal of electronic devices and media. These procedures were developed by IT Support Services and the Information Security Office, in partnership with Environmental Health & Safety and Property.

Information Security

Protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, systems, and network resources, and the privacy of student, faculty, and staff is the goal of California State University, Chico's information security efforts. The Information Security website includes important information on protecting you password, confidential data, and more.

Confidential Data Security

Security of confidential data is of utmost importance at CSU, Chico. By law, most student and employee information is confidential. Be cautious with any private data, and store as little on your computer or in unlocked areas as possible.

Certain e-mail attachments are being blocked

As a result of recent viruses and concerns over the security of campus computers, the campus e-mail servers are blocking certain file attachments. View a list of list of file types

Password Protecting Your Screen Saver

Locking your computer's screen saver with a password is an easy way to increase the security of your system and campus resources. It's an easy to configure option. We have instructions for Windows 7 and Mac OSX.

Updating McAfee VirusScan

To manually update your McAfee VirusScan follow these directions for Windows XP/7.