Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies

In the Liberal Studies Program, you will receive a well-rounded education, preparing you for careers in various fields – education, business, government, social work, and more. As a future teacher, you will engage in coursework that provides you with:

  • A solid foundation for all the content areas you will be expected to teach
  • Hands-on experience working with K-8 pupils
  • Friendly and knowledgeable faculty in their discipline who are eager to support you through your journey to become a caring, well educated, dynamic teacher
  • An opportunity for depth of study in special education


Make Advising Appointment
HOW TO: Schedule Appointment with LBST Advisors in AgileGrad (PDF)

Liberal Studies uses AgileGrad for scheduling advising appointments. You can use your Chico State login credentials to log into AgileGrad and make an appointment.

If you are not currently a Chico State Student, call the office for an appointment.

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