Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

The Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department prepares students to be professionals and entrepreneurs in media and design. Our instruction focuses on the synergy of art, craft and technology.


MADT Professionals Series Bringing Hollywood Storyboardist to Campus!

Storyboard art for Fast and Furious 6

The MADT Professionals Series brings Hollywood careerists to campus to provide personal insight into the many job opportunities available in the media, arts, design, and technology fields. Anthony Liberatore will be visiting campus Tuesday, March 3 from 4-6 pm in Colusa 100A, and is one of the leading storyboard and previsualization artists in Hollywood today. Liberatore works closely with directors and art departments to design key concept art that is then turned into the sets, costumes, and props.  Liberatore has worked on films including "Black Panther," "Bad Boys for Life," "Captain America: Winter Soldier," and the Academy Award-winning "Argo."

MADT Offering New BFA!

The Department of Media Arts, Design, and Technology is excited to be rolling out
a new BFA in Communication Design. This new professional degree will equip students with the deep skills and experience needed to enter the profession or pursue graduate-level studies upon completion. The current BA in Communication Design with an option in Graphic Design, which is considered a liberal arts degree, is being phased out over the next two years in favor of this new professional degree. Students currently enrolled in the program may choose to complete the BA or switch to the new BFA. For frequently asked questions, please click here.

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