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Student Profile

Shane Fitzgerald

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Shane is from a town in southern California called, Vista, but he has lived in Chico since 2010. He is on track to graduate this spring of 2024 with a BFA in Communication Design.

Shane's Story

group of students working on a projectShane has always had a love for visual arts and multimedia production so when he transferredfrom Butte College, the MADT program seemed like a great way to turn his passion for visual arts into a career. Shane mainly wanted to become proficient at Adobe Suite and learn more about design fundamentals. He really feels like the professors here at Chico State have done a great job at giving him the tools and confidence to take on a variety of design projects within the discipline.

Group of students smilingShane is currently a student worker for two different positions on campus. The first one is for the Publicity Office in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, where he design posters for different events. He also films and edits videos highlighting the departments within the college. Shane's other position is the Project Director for the MADT department’s YouTube channel. He started it in the fall of 2023, with the goal of connecting students to the community and teaching different aspects of design through his videos.

Professor Nanhee Kim has described shane as a talented student and designer. Professor Nanhee Kim states, "Not only is he a proactive and dedicated student in class, but he also works as a creative project director for MadTube and has completed projects successfully. Shane has exceptional talents in animation, character design, and video production." She was absolutely right, Shane's YouTube Channel has proven to be a special additive to MADT's student organizations. Professor Nanhee Kim continues,"In addition, Shane demonstrated an openness to and empathy for the opinions, feelings, and perspectives of others, along with keen powers of observation, all qualities that make him outstanding as a student in Communication Design program. I am confident that Shane will continue to do great and creative things."

Shane's Plan

His plan is to find remote work after he graduates so he can travel with his wife for a while, but he would love to eventually find a career as a multimedia designer or a brand identity designer. Ultimately, his goal is to own a production company and be the creative/art director so he can work on personal projects and help other designers and businesses achieve their vision.

Words of Advice

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"Your future self will thank you for working hard towards your goals, so plant your seeds and water them every day. Consistency is key!"