Media Arts, Design, and Technology Department

Information for Internship Employers

Businesses and organizations are invited to hire Media Arts, Design, and Technology student interns for meaningful work related to their academic options. Please be aware that internships are intended to be supervised experiences in which the student performs professionally-related tasks under the supervision of a more experienced professional.  

All internships should meet the following criteria:

  1. The intern performs tasks that reflect the his/her area of interest (e.g. print-based graphic design, video production, UI/UX, web design, etc.)
  2. The intern performs tasks under the direction of a supervisor with expertise in the intern's field.
  3. A supervisor serves as a mentor to the intern, offering professional feedback, advice, and support.
  4. The employer ensures that the intern works the appropriate number of relative to the unit requirement of the internship (1 unit for each 60 hours of work).

If your internship meets the above criteria, send me an short announcement describing the minimum and preferred skills, as well as whether the internship includes hourly pay.  We will announce the internship to our students. Send the internship announcement to the Internship Coordinator: Prof. Tom Welsh.

You can also reach out to the overall CSUC student population by advertising the internship opportunity on the CSU, Chico Career Center website.

For more information about how students enroll for internships and receive credit for work performed see Internships for Students.