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Angela Sigala

Angela Sigala

Name: Angela Sigala

Hometown: Fontana

Role on campus: Biology major

Years on campus: 2

Did you or do you have plans to continue your education beyond a four-year degree? I want to attend graduate school to become a professor.

Why did you choose Chico? When I first visited Chico, I was immediately interested in the school’s great programs and atmosphere.

What first sparked your interest in a college education? At age 12, my father sat me down and talked about how difficult life can be. We had a long conversation about my options for my well-being. That is when I was first introduced into the concept of seeking higher education. Just like any immigrant parent, my father wanted to offer me opportunity for a better life.

What were some barriers that prevented others in your family from completing a four-year degree? Money was the biggest barrier. Deciding between helping yourself or helping your family was a recurring ultimatum for my parents and siblings.

Who can you point to as a mentor or inspiration in your pursuit of a four-year degree and why? Meisha Hackner was my mentor my freshman year in the program REACH. She is full of wisdom and empathy. She was able to put all situations into perspective. I would not be who I am or where I am without her.

What does being first-gen mean to you? Expecting numerous mistakes and facing great challenges that will break you down and build you up again.

What challenges do you struggle with or have you overcome as a result of being first-gen? Financial struggles have been hard, as well as leaving a comfortable home with people to lean on and having to seek answers to the thousands of questions that come up along the way.

What is your wildest ambition? My wildest ambition is to be a member of the congress.

What message do you want to send other first-gen students? There will be countless moments where you feel lost or hopeless. But remember: you are resilient, you are capable, and you are more than your ancestors have ever imagined. Use your resources, seek help, and take care of yourself.