Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Resources for Faculty & Staff

Building diversity takes effort and the right people to make it happen. We hope the following resources support current staff and faculty in their efforts to foster an inclusive and equitable environment at Chico State.

Faculty and Staff Associations

A curated list of diversity oriented groups within the campus community.

Teaching Resources

The Research in Equity, Antiracism, Diversity, and Inclusion Hub shares best practices in faculty instruction and research.

Diversity Trainings

Get certified to better serve the diverse members of our campus or learn to avoid bias in hiring.

What it’s like to work at Chico State

Christine Herrera portrait

Christine Herrera
Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics Department

“The students who come to Chico State enter with an awe-inspiring yearning to learn and grow. They are sponges who strive to gather as much knowledge and experience to become the best versions of themselves. They work hard in and out of the classroom to make a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

Malcolm McLemore portrait

Malcolm McLemore
Director, Cross Cultural Leadership Center

“Not all students have that ‘aha’ moment, or even have it easy to get to that ‘aha’ moment. Some students, it takes one conversation and it’s done. Others may take one or two years—I say that because I was one of those students. It took a few years for me to get it right. But once they get it right, it’s a beautiful moment.”

Hyewon Pechkis portrait

Hyewon Pechkis
Assistant Professor, Physics Department

“I once was a first-generation student who didn't know how to forge a path ahead. As a minority and female, guiding and supporting first-generation students and underrepresented groups means more than just teaching to me. In some sense, I am paying back what I got from my teachers and friends along the way to get here.”

Career Opportunities

We are looking for outstanding candidates who reflect the diverse, intercultural, and intersectional identities of our student body. We want faculty and staff who embrace student success and eliminating achievement gaps, have demonstrated experience working with diverse populations, and will contribute to policies, programs, and activities that support an inclusive, accessible, and equitable learning and working environment.

In the Spotlight

Fostering Inclusivity in the Classroom